The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast

Episode 00: The Trailer

If you had four minutes to say what you believed in...what words would you speak?

That was the question I was faced with as I sat before my microphone, wondering what it was I wanted to say on the trailer of my new podcast. 

Why was I even doing a new podcast?? I already co-host the very popular Hand in Hand Parenting Podcast with Elle Kwan... Well, it's kind of like having a second kid. You love your first, but you just know it's time for your family to grow.

I could feel another podcast was being born inside my heart. There was something I felt needed to be said in the landscape of the current parenting conversation. Something that I personally longed to communicate... 


What parents are saying:

"Love your podcast - it is edgy and f&$king brilliant."  - E.S. 

"This podcast is even better then I could’ve imagined. This girl is on fire! Abigail is so beautifully real, raw, perfectly candid and intelligent. This podcast is exactly, to the T, what I’ve been searching for, and it will be the only one I need to listen to. She hits the nail on the head. Thank you Abigail!"  - Preggoslady