The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast

Episode 02: Why Can't I See the Good?

On this episode, we explore...

The task list for moms and dads is never ending. Sometimes it can leave us feeling heavy, depleted, and overly aware of how much we HAVEN’T done today. After a while it can feel like all we see is what isn’t there. In us. In our kids. And in our life.

Listen to this episode and meet amazing mama Tara. Watch as she embraces the #mindflip that allows her to see the good again. In all of it. ❤️


What parents are saying about this episode:

"Holy #&%! shit, that podcast today. So much of what that mama was saying resonates with me, and so much of what you said, I needed to hear."  - J.W.

"Wow, oh wow. So meaningful for me. Just stayed up after midnight to get to the end!"  - N.B.