The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast

Episode 04: Mommy Loves You But Now It's Daddy Time

On this episode, we explore...

Ashley has a newborn in her arms and a Cling Wrap toddler at her feet.  Dad’s trying to help but can’t find a way in.  Listen, as Abigail helps bring balance to this family, and gets the toddler happily running off for adventures with Dad... 


What parents are saying about this episode:

Listening to episode 4 and laughing out loud at “it’s a lot of lollipops”.  - H.R. 

"I love the way you connect with the mum in this. You had me in tears along with her at one point. I relate to so much of what you are saying and really love the “mind flip” concept too.  You're doing such good work and I can’t thank you enough."  - S.C.

"So helpful! Baby #3 is due in February & I’m determined not to fall into the same trap this time around!"  - J.M.