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Every morning you wake up full of love, but then...

The day happens.

You lie there at night, feeling frustrated, worried and even ashamed sometimes. 

How does this happen? 

How is it we can love them so much and then also feel such anger on occasion? 

We know we are a good mom even if we yell sometimes, or worry too much, or don't know how to help them with their anxiety, or friends, or schoolwork, or siblings.

I mean it's normal to feel so confused, right? This is just what motherhood is like.

Or is it??

Here's the deal. It doesn't have to be so murky. You don't have to be so dependent on your kids' moods. 

You can learn to lead your family, with your own VALUES as your guide, and feel more confident in your bones. I will teach you all the invisible things that are happening in your day that lead to it falling apart. 

And once you see them, I will teach you what to do about them, so the next time your day takes a hard left turn, you'll be able to head it off at the pass.  

Mission accomplished, mama. More and more days you wake up smiling AND go to bed proud. 

You didn't NEED a good day to happen. You MADE it happen. 


Welcome, mama.

I built this for you.

It's an online mastery course for motherhood.

So you can be certifiably AWESOME at it. 

< Go ahead. Pinch yourself. >


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The hundreds of moms I've taken through this process have taught me exactly what you need at each step, to ensure your success. 

 What does being a #motherflippingawesome mama look like?

Glad you asked. It looks like this:

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"Every session with you is seriously a fountain of sooooooo much knowledge that I am learning. I really do feel I am becoming a better version of me everyday. Thank you!!!" 
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"Even only a couple of months in, it feels like I’ve finally found the road I’ve been looking for. My soul feels fed and I think my kids’ souls also.  I can feel this leading to relationship.  Conversations.  Dialogue.  Growth.  Bravery."
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"Magical stuff! I love where I am standing, I love that I signed up for the Transformation Team, I am so thankful for your help and perspective. It's really starting to make ripples. 🥰"

 And this:



Want this experience for yourself? 

Sorry, this class is already completely FULL. Please join the WAITLIST for next time. 


 What it looks like on the inside:


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Strategies that work for you AND your kids

  • Six months worth of weekly lessons that will take you step by step through what you need to know at each stage to succeed. No overwhelm. Just results. 
  • A different actionable strategy for you to practice in your family each week. 
  • Deep dive masterclasses on subjects such as anxiety, bedtime, strong willed kids, behavior, and family values.
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Me walking by your side for 9 months

  • I've got your back throughout the  course. I answer every single one of your questions, and together, we build a tailor made system just for you.  
  • Live group coaching calls every two weeks for the first 6 months, and every week for the last three. This is where we APPLY what we are learning, and leave books and podcasts in the dust. Yep, even mine. ;)
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A supportive community that gets it.

  • Safe, smart, passionate, inquisitive, honest mamas that will teach you just how un-alone you are on this journey.
  • Your choice of TWO private group pages where members can connect: onsite, or on FB (or join both!)
  • Real-time mom support hotline, so members of MFA can reach out to each other IN THE MOMENT and get the support they need.
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Want in?

Get on the waitlist for the autumn cohort.

Be one of the mamas who changes her life. 


Got questions I haven't already answered?

Make some time to talk with me here.
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