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Question 1 of 9: How many children do you have? What are their ages? 

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Question 2 of 9: What would you like me to know about the makeup of your family? (Married / divorced / single parenting / BIPOC / LGBTQ+ / working from home, working out of the home/ home-schooling / pod-schooling etc...?) Anything at all that significantly shapes the experience of your parenting...


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Question 3 of 9:  Are there any special circumstances regarding your children that would be helpful for me to know (ie adoption, medical diagnoses, history of trauma, non binary gender identity)? Feel free to write N/A if none. 

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Question 4 of 9:  What's going well for you right now with your kids? Where in parenting do you SHINE? (If you can't answer this easily right now, that's ok. I can help you uncover your strengths during our initial call together.)

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Question 5 of 9:  What is the biggest challenge you face in parenting, and how are you currently handling it? (You know, those moments that make you scream in a pillow or wish you could go live on a mountaintop alone somewhere?)

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Question 6 of 9: How committed are you to finding an inspired way to handle this issue?





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Question 7 of 9: How familiar are you with my work? Have you worked with me before, do you follow the podcasts, or have you just found me and are wondering where the heck I have been all these years you were crying in the bathroom alone? Please elaborate...

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Question 8 of 9: Which of the following statements best describes your current circumstance?

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Parenting is going pretty well, and my kid is great. I just love geeking out about all this and want to do the very best I can.


I am really struggling with certain aspects of parenting, and I feel like if I don't get help now, I am going to explode. I have a vision in my heart of what I wanted this all to feel like, and how we are currently living is NOT it.


I need strategies, tools, and systems that will actually be effective with a strong willed kid. The things that seem to work for other kids don't work for mine. I keep hoping there must be something that could help this stubborn & fragile child, but I haven't found it yet.


I feel lonely in my parenting journey. No one seems to get what my experience is, not even those closest to me. It would mean a lot to me to have a community of people surrounding me who get it, and don't judge me. I can see how being with people who value this journey as much as I do could help me find my voice and my strength.

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