None of us ever dreamed of having power struggles with our kids all day.
What we really wanted was to be kind, confident, and effective leaders.

And all of that is entirely possible, but it requires a scientific understanding of how our brains actually work, and some mentorship to shift a few behavioral habits. Once shifted, the results are precise, repeatable, and fantastically freeing for us as parents.

Small Amount of Time.

Huge Return on Investment.


  • FIVE weekly 90 minute group classes, held live via an online meeting app.

  • A BONUS video course that accompanies the live course. 30 videos (each 15-20 minutes long) that you can watch on your own time. 

    The video lessons are the road map. The group class is the actual road trip. Together they make for an amazing experience. 

Listen to one dad's real life experience of learning these tools.


What will YOUR experience be?


Week 1: Learning the basic brain science behind what does and does not work with our kids, so we can put an immediate end to the power struggles. And your first major tool that will begin to shift everything, help you tap into your child's inherent goodness, and ACTIVATE it.

Week 2: This week you learn a super-skill that will cut down frustration immediately: exactly what to do - and not do - in the midst of a tantrum, so that you have a smarter, stronger kid on the other end of that meltdown. This is also the week you learn how to help your children find their own resilience and develop that ever important quality of GRIT.

Week 3: Dads are often masters at play, and this week, we explore exactly what kinds of play matter most to your kids, and how to foster deep allegiance and cooperation in your family. You will also learn how to use play to help a child move through fear and anxiety.

Week 4: Learning how to set warm, loving limits that are EFFECTIVE and get the job done. And how to be the kind of leader that inspires your children to be able to maintain those limits. Also, understanding how to identify the key issues your family is facing right now, and how to navigate your kids "emotional projects."

Week 5: Learning how to support YOURSELF as you support everyone else. This is crucial to your long term success. Also, tools for how to handle your own moods so you can keep yourself in optimal mental and emotional shape. You've raised your game by now. These are the tools that will keep you there.

Throughout the course, we also cover any questions you may have on topics such as sibling rivalry, screens, etc. I will show you how to use the tools you have just learned to be able to handle these subjects and anything else you may have on your minds. 

By the end of this class, you will be a master ninja at the "simple" things like knowing how to get your kids to put their own shoes on, do their homework, manage chores, and even leave the house on time! 

You will also have learned the neuroscience behind how to create a bond with your children that lasts for life. With this information, you will be a safe place your kids can rely on as they move into the turbulent teen years. They need your guidance, and when you parent like this, they will actually seek it too!

Tell Me the Details!

  • WHEN IS THE CLASS? Once we know who is in the class, we will all work together to find the best time for the group. I might suggest for this one that we also look at weekends. I know weekends are often family times when many stay at home moms need and expect support from dads who may be working out of the house all week, but truly this is a great gift to give your family, to take 90 minutes a weekend, for a few weeks, so that you can come out reenergized and clear about what it is your family offers you, and exactly how you would like to best support them. We always find a time that works for everyone, and if for whatever reason we couldn't, you could certainly get a full refund.

  • HOW DO WE MEET? We connect online, through a meeting platform called ZOOM. We will be able to see and hear each other as if we were in a room together, no travel required. 

  • HOW MUCH IS THE COURSE? $397 ($250 with coupon code "VIDS" only if either you or your partner have already purchased the Reset videos). 

If you are interested, please put yourself on the waitlist and I will notify you when this class opens up.

"The class has been a huge help for me. To be honest, it’s made me understand and appreciate our kids more and I love them way more now than I did before, if that’s OK to say ;) It’s really been a meaningful change, so thank you."

Dad of Three

"It takes a village - and Abigail is an absolutely invaluable part of ours. We've gone from tearing our hair out to being amazed at how calm, loving and successful we can be as a parents - thanks to the strategies and wisdom Abigail brings to our sessions. She is non-judgemental, whip-smart and never brings anything less than a heart full of kindness, and a brain full of helpful ideas and information. With help from Abigail our chid is stronger, calmer, more compassionate, and clearly happier. And so are we! "

Dad of One

"Whole-heartedly pursue time with Abigail, either one-on-one or in a class setting. It will make you want to raise kinder, more empathetic and whole-hearted children."

M. A.
Dad of Two