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Tweens Plus Tech, The Online Course

“I wish I could throw the X-Box out the window!”

“I have no idea what my kids are doing or who they are talking to online, and it makes me anxious…”

“I feel like these devices are ruining our relationship!”

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. We hear these sentiments from parents all the time in our work. That’s the very reason we created this class. We want to help you understand your tween's world and give you the resources to reconnect with them - and protect them.

In the class you’ll learn:

  • Research based methods to help you support your child and keep them grounded during these years of intense social/emotional and biological change.
  • How to know if your child is ready for a smartphone
  • Proven and tested techniques to reconnect with your tween in fun and meaningful ways
  • Information on how, why and when your tweens are going online and how you can keep them safe
  • Everything you need to know about social media, gaming, sexting, porn and bullying
  • What to do when things get sketchy online - porn, cyberbullying, stalking etc.
  • Ways to set yourself up as you child’s ‘go to’ resource

How You’ll Learn it:

  • A 5 part online class available in video or audio only version - you decide what works for you!
  • Easy, user friendly interface
  • Class links delivered directly to your inbox
  • Downloadable Action Challenge Sheets with concrete tips for you to use in your own time

Extra Goodies:

  • Our favorite book recommendations on tweens, tech and parenting
  • An original, awesome podcast all about tweens
  • Links to where you can hear teens talk about their own experiences with social media and gaming
  • A Family Media Plan
  • Parent/Child Smartphone Contract
  • Step by Step guide to setting up your child’s first smartphone

Screens aren’t going anywhere - that’s just the truth.

As moms we’ve seen the struggle and experienced it ourselves and ultimately, we believe today’s parents have two options for how to handle this sea change:

Option 1) Get stuck in frustrating and stressful power struggles with our kids and push them away, OR

Option 2) Choose to learn how to help our kids take the best of what tech has to offer and teach them to skillfully navigate through the worst.

We hope you’ll choose Option 2, as we have. Tweens + Tech is your first step in the journey.