A step by step REBOOT for you and your family.

30 Days of support, information, and strategies that work.

This course is a game changer.

You're busy. You're tired.

You just want it all to be worth it.

I get it. 

So let's make it happen for YOU,

like we did for this mama: 

Read more testimonials from parents just like you.


Each day for one month, I send you a short video (about 15-20 minutes long) that will guide you STEP by STEP through this transformative process. Each lesson will reframe and decode children's behavior, helping you to know exactly what to do to optimize your child's skill set, and also your own. 
You decide how long it takes you to go through the whole course. Do it in the 30 days, or make it last a whole year. Or do it over and over again over throughout the year!

But I also want you to have a community, so...

You will have access to a private FB Group page only for you parents in The RESET, so you have a safe space to communicate with others who are also interested in learning these ideas and seeing how they apply them.

And I want to help you as much as I can, so...

As an additional BONUS, I promise to hop onto our private page at some point each week to take questions live, ONLY for those of you in The RESET. These will be like mini private lessons for you, all for free, as my gift to you for joining The Reset. 


If for ANY reason you have done the course, and you feel like it has not been of value for you, get your money back. NO JOKE. 100% full money back guarantee.

"She slept through the night and was really settled today. THIS STUFF WORKS. AMEN."

- S.B., Mama of Two

"I am really surprised at how much has changed in just over a week. The way you explain the tools, has been so valuable. Thank you so much; I am so grateful to have found you through the podcast." 

- V.B., Mama of One

"I know I'm developing skills I didn't have before."

- M.F., Mama of One

"You rock. This rocks. I am all in. I want this. I am in for the long haul. I want this in my bones."

- J.F., Mama of Two

Don't let parenting keep you hiding under the covers.

A thirty day journey of practical transformation with magical results.


Picture a day when:

Your kids actually WANT to do what you ask.
The siblings are playing happily, even sharing all on their own.
You spent more time today LAUGHING with your kids, than yelling at them.


You are 30 Days away from that day.*



Sounds too good to be true? I get it. We are skeptical these days for good reason.

So if that is how you are feeling, then you might want to do two things:

  1. Read these testimonials here from parents just like you who took The Reset. I did not know a single one of these parents before they took the course. What they have to say is their true unedited experience. 
  2. Remember, if for any reason you find this course is not of value for you, get a refund. Bam. Just like that.
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain:
  • kids whom you love and actively LIKE too,
  • and feeling really proud of the parent you are being in the process. 

Want to know why I care so much about helping parents find their groove? Read my story here.