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What does it mean to be a Mother Flipping Awesome Mama?

  • It means that being a parent is an important job to you. You take it seriously and care about doing it well (and no, I do NOT mean perfectly). 
  • You want more than just good BEHAVIOR FROM your kids. You want a great lifelong RELATIONSHIP WITH your kids. 
  • You are ready to show up for 15 minutes a day to LEARN. 
  • You are ready to be done with the overwhelm of trying out a new parenting technique every month, and always doubting yourself. You are ready to find ONE WAY OF THINKING that we will then root in YOUR FAMILY'S VALUES. We then combine my strategies with your values to create your PERSONAL PARENTING TOOLKIT that will take you through ALL the stages, and behaviors you will encounter over ALL your years as a parent. 

Here's what that looks like in real life...

"I came to Abigail broken and scared. So scared I was irrevocably messing up my most pressing and important role: being a mom. I was constantly annoyed and pushed to my edge. I had a hair-trigger and my son and I were moving further and further away from each other. And I wasn’t the mom I wanted to be. I had so much love for my family and I was afraid they couldn’t feel any of it. If you have a chance to meet/talk with/ learn from Abigail, you should grab hold with both hands. She is so bright, so thoughtful, so creative, so intuitive, so funny, so darn reasonable; her mind-flips WORK. Her ideology WORKS. I am filled with giddiness daily now, ESPECIALLY when things are tricky with my children, because I can now welcome whatever is happening in my family as information. And I’m now the scientist in my home who gets to figure all of it out. I’m an eagle-eye, I’m the leader of my family, I’m building the people I want to send out into the world. My family is a team now. My son is my ally. And I’m honestly so proud of myself, of the work I’ve done, of the person I’ve become. I’m the mom I always wanted to be. Not perfect, but whole. Thank you, Abigail, for righting my ship. "

Jillian B.
Mama of Two

"Before I started working with Abigail, there was yelling in the house. A lot. And then there was shame and frustration because I hated the fact that I lost my cool. Since working with Abigail, there's been a huge shift in my life. I have tools I can use and, when I find myself slipping back into old habits, I have Abigail. She is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. She cuts through all the fog and zeros in on whether a situation has been caused by a parenting issue, or maybe a personal issue that is manifesting itself in parenting. Having Abigail means I have someone in my corner who can help me, and help me in a way that makes me feel good about myself and the family life I am creating."

Susannah D.
Mama of Two

"My relationship with my son was a mess. I could not get him to do much of anything and affection from him was minimal. He was angry and cranky. Working with Abigail has been super helpful. Now, when he starts to see ‘Meany Mommy’ come out, he comes and gives me a hug and tells me, this is what you need!! He says I love you and draws pictures for me again. This has deepened our relationship. I can now stop my craziness and really be with him. For my very emotional daughter, the tools Abigail taught me have given me a way to be with her while not giving in to her every want. She tells me that she trusts me and it shows with the things she shares. I am so grateful to this work for what it has given us. All huge wins in my mind. :)"

Gangotri G.
Mama of Two

"There are moments where I feel I just need to reach out and say thanks because tonight could have been different. It could have been yelling, screaming and tears. Instead it was calm , 1 kid sleeping, 1 kid not. It was not perfect, but I was prepared for it not to be. I still went out to spend time with moms on my street (which I may not have made a priority in the past, but value checked myself and said yes I’m doing this even if kids are awake because I value myself as a mom. When it got hard tonight, I kept value checking myself, which made all the difference. THANK YOU. I could not have been in the mind space to create what happened without your wisdom and the stories you share. You transformed parenting with connection into something tangible with all its ups and downs. THANK YOU."

Meaghan B.
Mama of Two

Join this empowering mama tribe, and #findYOURawesome.

Weekly Parenting Magic

  • One guiding lesson a week taking you step by step through what you need to know at each stage to succeed. No overwhelm. Just results. 
  • A weekly tool for you to practice. Each tool builds on the prior one.
  • A themed masterclass each month.
  • A monthly "Mama Mind-Flip." 

Access to Abigail for One Year

  • Direct access to me in the course modules. I read and respond to every comment you leave there.
  • Live group coaching calls every two weeks. Get YOUR q's answered directly.
  • Discounted private sessions. ($125 instead of $175)
  • Free mini privates. (Ask me how.)

Full Time Community Support

  • A community who will blow your mind on every call with how valuable it is to YOU as I work with another parent in front of you. 
  • Private FB page where members connect.
  • Real-time mom support hotline, so members of MFA can reach out to each other IN THE MOMENT and get the support they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

The fee for the program is $1200 for the entire year's worth of support. I will be opening a freshman group in the beginning of autumn. There are major perks to being in this first group, as these folks will pay only $997 and also be able to drive the content for the course. More info coming soon. 

Yes, you are welcome to opt for a 12 installment payment plan for $97/month.*

* First group costs will be significantly lower, so if finances are an issue, get in on that first group if you can!

Please note that while you will see improvement within the very first few weeks, the full program is indeed a year-long experience. It is the only way that I can provide you with a true and complete path to genuine transformation. If possible, I suggest committing the full amount from the beginning as not only will this save you some money, but committing upfront financially typically helps people commit more to the program emotionally as well. The higher your commitment level, the greater your success!

Absolutely not!

Unless they WANT to do it with you. If they do, they are welcome to learn alongside you, and you can further involve them by scheduling private sessions together right here. 

Many moms have partners who are not on board. And that too is okay. Typically the tools and systems I will teach you work so well that your partner at some point will say "Hey what's that thing you've been doing? Can you teach me because it just doesn't work for me the same way it does for you now..."  And then that is your opening. But even if your partner is categorically opposed, that is okay too. Your children do NOT need you to parent them the same way. If at least one parent is doing this work, that in and of itself will be very protective for the child's well-being. 

I got you, mama. You've got carpools to navigate, diapers to change and a tantrum to tend to. All I need from you is an average of 15 minutes a day. Give me that and I'll get your world shifting right away. 🌈

These tools work for kids of any age. They will also work with your spouse, in your workplace, and anywhere else you choose to use them. They are relationship based tools that enhance cooperation and help you learn how not to trigger people's brains into a protective, defensive state. Once your brain is working effectively and cleanly, you can help support the brain function of those around you. And when you do that, parenting - and life - becomes a whole lot more enjoyable. All of that said, in the video lessons, I will mostly be giving examples of children aged two to twelve. When we work in person on the group calls, we can target the tools for your age group, and YOUR kids.

No problem at all, there's a 30-day money back guarantee. Just lmk within that time frame and it's back in your account as if it never happened. 

I look at it this way: if you're not happy, I am not happy. I am here for YOUR results. If I couldn't help you, I'd WANT you to seek help elsewhere.


This. Is. Different. That is why in almost EVERY SINGLE CASE I have ever dealt with, this DOES work, even when nothing else has. Even for the parents who come to me from other connection based practices, they consistently comment on how much more effective it is to parent from this 360 degree perspective. But I know how incredibly hard it can be to have hope yet again in the midst of so much difficulty, so if that is where you are, then feel free to write me directly beforehand, and also please remember that if for any reason you were to try this program and not find help, you have a thirty day full money back guarantee. 

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