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"Wow! - You have totally set me up on the path I want to be on and that feels amazing!"

"Thank you for all you do. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found you and your community. You have saved me from myself and brought me back to myself at the same time. I am more grateful - and more inspired - than you can know. Really, thank you!"

- Z.M.


"The boys are pushing your buttons, but you’re not cracking." 

"Thank you for your honesty and transparency. This is a very tough time and your teachings have brought me to a place of understanding. This morning I found my husband listening to your TTP. He said 'This must be helpful stuff. The boys are pushing your buttons, but you’re not cracking. I need to see what this is all about.' That was music to my ears…"

- F.M.L.


"A much needed infusion of fierce hope."

- A.M.


"I enjoy being with my kids, I like and love them!! I haven't always been able to say that."

"I can honestly say I am a different person, different mum right now than before starting the TTP. I have so much more kindness for myself, my husband and my kiddos."

- M.F. 


"The catalyst for the transformation of a whole generation of parents and children"

"My heartfelt thanks to Abigail for spreading the love, kindness and knowledge in every class in this course and in your podcasts. I believe it has had more of an impact on more people than you can possibly imagine."

- L.T.


"Abigail’s insights are like vitamins: a little bit every day keeps me on track."

- J.H.


"I’m so glad I decided to join TTP.  Especially now."

"For me the moments when parenting is lonely and hard happen after the kids have fallen asleep, and I’m left with silence and exhaustion that are different from pre-covid silence and exhaustion.  It’s so nice to have a parenting community as powerful as yours to find connection in these moments."

- J..S. 


"FLOORED by the content"

"Every single call, every single class, I’m FLOORED by the content, the resilience, the love, and the aaaachy good rewiring of my brain."

- K.O.


"Your course is my lifeline right now!!"

"Your discussions give me so many ideas and so much hope - they really re-energize me when I'm on the floor."

- L.B.


"I'm not a recipient of what life presents anymore, I'm an agent, even when I feel beaten down."

"What a gift."

- N.S.

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