The step by step system to:

Raise kids you love AND like.

Be the parent you wanted to be. 


What does it mean to be a Mother Flipping Awesome Mama?

  • It means that being a parent is an important job to you. You take it seriously and care about doing it well (and no, I do NOT mean perfectly). 
  • You want more than just good BEHAVIOR FROM your kids. You want a great lifelong RELATIONSHIP WITH your kids. 
  • You are ready to show up for 15 minutes a day to LEARN. 
  • You are ready to be done with the overwhelm of trying out a new parenting technique every month, and always doubting yourself. You are ready to find ONE WAY OF THINKING that we will then root in YOUR FAMILY'S VALUES. We then combine my strategies with your values to create your PERSONAL PARENTING TOOLKIT that will take you through ALL the stages, and behaviors you will encounter over ALL your years as a parent. 

It means you get to LEARN like this.

  • Tools, strategies, and mind-flips that WORK. 
  • Monthly masterclasses.
  • LIVE group coaching.

Watch this masterclass on "10 Mind Flips To Help Our Kids Conquer Anxiety" to get an idea of what a masterclass is like.


It means you get to GROW like this.

Meet Meaghan who just went through the Transformation Team Project this past spring, and see how it turned her family from stressed out to feeling funner, and more connected! 

"Every session with you is seriously a fountain of sooooooo much knowledge that I am learning. I really do feel I am becoming a better version of me everyday. Thank you!!!" - Claudia, mama of two in California

Want to get a REAL sense of what it's like to be IN THE COMMUNITY?

Click below to meet the mamas who went through it on the last round. See what TRANSFORMATION and COMMUNITY really looks like.


"Before I started working with Abigail, there was yelling in the house. A lot. And then there was shame and frustration because I hated the fact that I lost my cool. Since working with Abigail, there's been a huge shift in my life. I have tools I can use and, when I find myself slipping back into old habits, I have Abigail. She is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. She cuts through all the fog and zeros in on whether a situation has been caused by a parenting issue, or maybe a personal issue that is manifesting itself in parenting. Having Abigail means I have someone in my corner who can help me, and help me in a way that makes me feel good about myself and the family life I am creating."

Susannah D.
Mama of Two

Join this empowering mama tribe, and #findYOURawesome.

Magical Tools & Strategies

  • Six months worth of weekly lessons that will take you step by step through what you need to know at each stage to succeed. No overwhelm. Just results. Watch LIVE, or RECORDED.
  • A different strategy for you to practice in your family each week, and ways for you to report back, so together we can build a system tailor-made JUST FOR YOU. 
  • A deep dive masterclass on a different subject each month.

Access to Abigail

  • Direct access to me in the live weekly classes and also in the course modules (for those watching the recordings only). 
  • Live group coaching calls every two weeks. Get YOUR q's answered directly.
  • Discounted private sessions. ($125 instead of $175)
  • Priority sign-up for the Podcast Sessions.
  • BONUS: 3 months of weekly High Level Group Coaching after you graduate from the six month program, turning this experience into NINE months of life-changing support.

Community Support

  • A community who will blow your mind on every call with how valuable it is to YOU as I work with another parent in front of you. 
  • Private group page where members connect.
  • Real-time mom support hotline, so members of MFA can reach out to each other IN THE MOMENT and get the support they need.

"Even only a couple of months in, it feels like I’ve finally found the road that I’ve been wandering around looking for, for a long time.  It feels good.  Like, really good.  My soul feels fed….and I think my kids’ souls also feel fed.  I can feel that this is leading to relationship.  Conversations.  Dialogue.  Growth.  Bravery.  It’s what I want and what I’ve been longing for."  - Abby G., mama of two in Arizona

Got q's about how it works practically? Watch this class to get the logistics: 

  • See a sneak peek of what the course looks like, and learn exactly what resources you will have access to.  
  • Learn HOW you access it, and all the many ways you can get support, both within the site itself or on social. 
  • Watch me work with a few moms on the call to clarify what their personal journey will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

The fee for the program is $1200, which covers the full nine months of support (the time it takes for real transformation to take root). 

Yes, you are welcome to opt for a four part payment plan.

Please note that while you will see improvement within the very first few weeks, the full program is indeed a nine-month-long experience. It is the only way that I can provide you with a true and complete path to genuine transformation. If possible, I suggest committing the full amount from the beginning as not only will this save you some money, but committing upfront financially typically helps people commit more to the program emotionally as well. The higher your commitment level, the greater your success!

That said, sometimes we just need some help with the financial planning aspect of things, and so I am happy to provide the installment plan for you if you need it.  

I will be staggering call-times as we have participants from all around the world. Some will be at 10am PT, some at noon PT, and even some over the weekend so everyone can join in on different schedules. There are fail-safes in there so that you will feel a part of the course no matter where you live and no matter how often you are LIVE with us. You will receive emails that keep you on track. You will receive links to the calls and the recordings after. All recordings are archived into the course itself so they are easily accessible, and you don't have to deal with a bunch of random links in emails. Everything is engineered for your success and your ease of use. Because, hey, we're moms. And we're busy. And we gotta get it done. 

Absolutely not!

Unless they WANT to do it with you. If they do, they are welcome to learn alongside you, and you can further involve them by scheduling private sessions together right here. 

Many moms have partners who are not on board. And that too is okay. Typically the tools and systems I will teach you work so well that your partner at some point will say "Hey what's that thing you've been doing? Can you teach me because it just doesn't work for me the same way it does for you now..."  And then that is your opening. But even if your partner is categorically opposed, that is okay too. Your children do NOT need you to parent them the same way. If at least one parent is doing this work, that in and of itself will be very protective for the child's well-being. 

I got you, mama. You've got carpools to navigate, diapers to change and a tantrum to tend to. All I need from you is an average of 15-20 minutes a day. Give me that and I'll get your world shifting right away. 🌈

These tools work for kids of any age. They will also work with your spouse, in your workplace, and anywhere else you choose to use them. They are relationship based tools that enhance cooperation and help you learn how not to trigger people's brains into a protective, defensive state. Once your brain is working effectively and cleanly, you can help support the brain function of those around you. And when you do that, parenting - and life - becomes a whole lot more enjoyable. All of that said, as I teach, I will mostly be giving examples of children aged two to twelve. When we work in person on the group calls, we can target the tools for your age group, and YOUR kids.

No problem at all, there's a 30-day money back guarantee. Just lmk within that time frame and it's back in your account as if it never happened. 

I look at it this way: if you're not happy, I am not happy. I am here for YOUR results. If I couldn't help you, I'd WANT you to seek help elsewhere.


This. Is. Different. That is why in almost EVERY SINGLE CASE I have ever dealt with, this DOES work, even when nothing else has. Even for the parents who come to me from other connection based practices, they consistently comment on how much more effective it is to parent from this 360 degree perspective. But I know how incredibly hard it can be to have hope yet again in the midst of so much difficulty, so if that is where you are, then feel free to write me directly beforehand, and also please remember that if for any reason you were to try this program and not find help, you have a thirty day full money back guarantee. 

"Magical stuff! I love where I am standing, I love that I signed up for the Transformation Team, I am so thankful for your help and perspective. It's really starting to make ripples. 🥰"  - Prema, mama of two, in Washington

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