These testimonials have come about in two ways:

1. I asked parents I'd worked with, what they'd like parents like them to know. This is what they said.

2. Spontaneous emails of gratitude.



Before meeting with Abigail I felt lost, frustrated, and embarrassed about my lack of tools for parenting. I have felt supported and uplifted by Abigail’s wisdom and tools. I love having a safe place where there is no judgment, only help in learning how to really "be" with my children. She has cleared the madness for me and simplified what it's all about which has helped my relationship with my kids immensely. The awareness of where they are coming from immediately takes me down to the place where I want to be parenting from. I know it’s a journey and I am grateful I have Abigail to help me be the Mom I want to be and raise the kids I am hoping to raise.  

B.N.S. - Mom of Three

 Whole-heartedly pursue time with Abigail, either one-on-one or in a class setting. It will make you want to raise kinder, more empathetic and whole-hearted children.

M.A. - Dad of Two

Thank you so much for today. I learned so much! I approached bedtime tonight viewing my kids and the whole experience through a different lens, and it was like a whole reality shift. Thank you!

A.W. - Mom of Two

I arrived at Abigail's class because things had become too confusing. I kept wondering what was going wrong. Why was my kid acting like this? When would this end?  Whose fault is this? Why was I so angry? This practice enabled me to cleanse myself of the anger, see it differently and move forward. I'm nothing but grateful for every interaction I've had with Abigail.

L.C. - Mom of Two

Play has decreased conflict ickiness by a good 75%. Which makes all of us less stressed including the dog. Already, I notice a difference in my energy with A (our 3 year old daughter). I'm calmer so she's calmer. This philosophy is giving me the opportunity to "be" a little bit more with her and her feelings, rather than "do" something with her and her feelings. Already her crying / whining is shorter. Last night when I was saying good night and leaving her in her bed, I just listened more as she protested. (The shenanigans & big emotions at bedtime are the main reason I'm taking this workshop.) This philosophy makes sense, but I wasn't finding it on my own.

U.W. - Mom of One

I loved our first class! I may be a bit nuts, but I can see a difference with my kids already.

E.H.J. - Mom of Two

I want to say the class has been a huge help for me. To be honest, it’s made me understand and appreciate our kids more and I love them way more now than I did before, if that’s OK to say ;) It’s really been a meaningful change, so thank you.

P.C. - Dad of Three

As I think I’ve said before, and I’m happy to say again, you have changed our lives forever. Seriously miraculous. To me it’s such a subtle easy shift but it seems to mean the world to her. It’s been a game-changer, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

K.A. - Mom of One

Our daughter is so lucky that we have been taking Abigail's classes. Because of Abigail we've seen a huge improvement in the family dynamic and all of us are much happier. She brings warmth, wisdom, balanced perspectives and a keen insight to the challenges we all face as we stumble towards being the best parents we can be. Not only has she helped us be better parents, she has also helped us be better spouses! Nobody teaches you this stuff in school!

S.L. - Mom of One

Abigail has been a tremendous help to our family.  She is insightful, intuitive, empathetic, understanding, focused, inspiring and a joy to learn from!  She helps strengthen our parenting time and again and hone in on what really is the issue.  She's caring and vigilant and we adore her.  She has made our family stronger, more connected, and has a new idea for us all to stay regulated every time we connect with Abigail. Thank you Abigail for all the guidance on how to do this job better, more truthfully and bravely. You have saved our asses countless times (countless!) and I appreciate it for all eternity.

M.T. - Mom of Two

Thank you so very much for being a miracle worker. I gotta say my boys are having a lot more fun (I didn't realize what a downer I've been). I look forward to our next session.

K.S. - Mom of Two 

I felt calmer, was less depressed, didn’t lose my temper, felt more competent as a parent. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being a life raft in the shipwreck!!

S.C. - Mom of Two

After RIE classes ended with my second child I felt I had a great foundation for how I want to raise my kids -- with trust, confidence and respect. I had a wonderful understanding of that philosophy, but I didn't realize I what I was missing until I attended Abigail's Hand-in-Hand Parenting with Connection classes. What I was missing and what I learned in those introductory classes were hands-on, real-time applications, tricks and tools to diffuse melt-downs, enhance connection, and truly deepen my relationships with my two kids. My parenting goal is simple. When my kids are grown and leave the nest, I hope they still want to spend time with me. If we have a relationship built on trust and respect then I think we'll get there. I call on Abigail's advice, examples and tools on a daily basis to help ensure I'm doing my best to meet my goal. Abigail approaches my parenting questions and concerns with so much depth and her style is approachable, loving, and clever. I can't imagine this parenting journey without her. 

B.M. - Mom of Two

 Just wanted to say today has been an easy happy day for all 3 of us and I know it's because of going to group. I have remained playful & connected which has resulted in a less stressed dad + happier daughter. (DUH.) Thank you!!! 

C.C. - Mom of One

 I’ve loved the class, your incredible depth of knowledge, as well as your open, caring, passionate presence.  I especially love that you’re willing to be vulnerable as a teacher and share some of your past parenting challenges.  

K.D. - Mom of Twins

My parenting class with Abigail was life-changing. The materials from the class gave me what I needed: a concrete yet flexible roadmap to parenting. The class discussions really went deep, and they felt like a safe space. The class discussions really showed me to look more closely at my and my husband's own childhood, and what we were bringing to the table as parents from how we were raised. The framework and ideology, more than anything, helped me stop getting angry at my kids. I learned to set limits with them but not get mad. The setting limits portion of the course was very helpful. I also learned to be more playful, and build my connection with my kids. My connection with my younger daughter was strong before the class, but my connection with my older daughter was in a bad place when I first started. As a result of the class, my older daughter, now 5, and I have really strengthened our bond and are very close. Parenting is still challenging in moments and there are always things to work on, but overall I feel very happy and proud of my parenting and my bond with my children, and for much of that I have Abigail to thank. What I also liked about the process is that it is so supportive of parents--it is expected that you have flaws, and that parenting is really hard. You are never expected to be perfect, and that was a lovely message when so many other messages are more judgmental. Abigail was really adept at hearing all of her students, where they were, and supporting us and also challenging us to see all the factors impacting our families.

N.R.B. - Mom of Two

 Thank you, thank you, thank you for your work. You are changin’ lives, lady! The transformation in just a couple days has been nothing less than miraculous. There is so much more joy in our relationship! 

T.C. - Mom of One

Thanks for yet another great session. I just quickly wanted to share that we had an amazing morning, probably the best so far. We were all connected and L. was so sweet. Just amazing. Now I know it won't be this way every time and there will be enough challenging moments, but it's great to move into the right direction.

A.M. - Dad of Two

 I just wanted to email you because I was just leaving my son's room and something amazing happened. He said "I love you so much mommy." Ok, he hasn't said that to me in probably 2 years. It floored me. I just had a good cry and am emailing you now to thank you so much - for working with me and helping me. I really appreciate it. What you do is so important, I hope you know that.

D.L. - Mom of Two

 Abigail was wonderful! She has a very open and compassionate personality, which made the class feel warm and safe. Her sense of humor also made the class fun, with lots of laughs. I feel like I have so many more great parenting tools. Our relationship with our son has blossomed, and miraculously, the tantrums have gone away. Abigail is so awesome at sharing her Hand in Hand wisdom and practical tips for everyday reality. 

S. L. - Mom of Two

 Abigail is warm, kind, knowledgeable -- and also very funny. I am definitely a better parent for taking her class. Highly recommended!

M.G. - Mom of One