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Got kids who push you past your breaking point?

I help you become "unbreakable."

Hi, I'm Abigail

Confession: Before my oldest kid was even three years old, I had already become that mom I never wanted to be.

The sibling rivalry had me at my wits' end, and my eldest's strong will had me drowning in confusion. Days found me yelling at him as he tried to hit me; nights found me sobbing, and feeling like a failure. 

What he needed was my strong leadership, not my strong temper, but HOW? 

I took classes, read books, and listened to podcasts. But nothing worked. Everything left me feeling like either he or I were broken, unable to be fixed. But I had a dream in my heart of what I wanted my motherhood and his childhood to look like. And I was not willing to give up on it. 

It took me years of research, but I did finally figure out how to be the mom I always wanted to be.

And then I went and created a system to help YOU do it too.

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Worried 2020 is a "lost" academic year?

What if you could get the low-down from five real-life parents who are homeschooling, remote schooling, and unschooling, and whose kiddos are THRIVING?

✨ To show you what's possible for you, I invited five parents in the Mother Flipping Awesome community on a call, and asked them to spill the beans on the exact systems they've put in place to make this a time of joy and learning for their families. Sign up and watch this one hour conversation that can help you reclaim your year. ✨

Steal their secrets. They want you to! ;)

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