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What are "spirited" kids?

Some call them “deep-feelers” or highly sensitive. These are the kids that drive you to scour the internet for any scrap of support to parent these strong-willed entrepreneurs in the making. You try technique XYZ that wasn't made specifically for YOU and YOUR KID, and then when it doesn’t work, you might resort back to this:






When you do, you feel like a piece of your kid gets lost.

And a piece of you gets lost, too. 

You decide again to look for a better way. And the cycle continues.

At MFA, we break that cycle.

 We have broken it for the thousands of parents that listen to the podcast each week, and even more for the hundreds of parents whom I have personally shepherded through my 
MFA Mentorship Program.

How do I know? 

Because my inbox is constantly full of love letters like these:

“I can honestly say I am a different person, different mum right now.”


"I have so much more kindness for myself, my husband and my kiddos. I enjoy being with my kids, I like and love them!! I haven't always been able to say that.”


"We are really noticing a lot of change."

"A lot more harmony in our household, a lot more laughter and fun. I feel like the jigsaw puzzle is starting to create the picture I want to see."

- B. A. S. 

"The boys are pushing your buttons, but you’re not cracking." 

"This morning I found my husband listening to your TTP. He said 'This must be helpful stuff. The boys are pushing your buttons, but you’re not cracking. I need to see what this is all about.' That was music to my ears…"

- F.M.L.

Hi, I’m Abigail!

I’ve been called “gold dust” for families and the “Esther Perel of Parenting.”

So what’s the secret to why parents say this is the “community I didn’t even know I needed” all while being able to experience an avalanche of big shifts in a short time?

The answer is the raw, personal mentorship I provide, backed by over ten years of helping parents rise.

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The day you enter my mentorship program is the last day you ever have to parent without support.

In six short months of training you will learn how to:

Love - and like - your kids more than you thought possible 

(Even though they're currently pummeling their sibling for the iPad, and you don't yet know how to make it stop.)


KNOW with all certainty that you are a good parent.

Transform your temper - or your avid avoidance of difficulties - into a benevolent form of leadership you can be proud of. 


Break intergenerational trauma (big T or little t) and ensure a healthy emotional lineage for your family.

Be the parent you always promised yourself you'd be.


Ensure connected and kind teenage years.

The ability to create this starts in the toddler years, and everything we do will be building people you want to hang out with when they are 16 - even if they're already 12!


What transformation looks like in real life :


Stop Doing This Alone.

You were never meant to.



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At MFA, we believe in



Leaning in to the stuff so many of us feel about parenting, but are too afraid to say out loud. We make it safe to feel the real you in the midst of the daily chorus of everyone else's needs.


We don't just talk about it. We make it BETTER.  


We acknowledge the truth that all kids can be hard, but some kids are harder than others. We give you strategies and support that get your kids thriving - and make sure YOU get out of this alive too. :)

You too can rise.

P.S. Getting help feels better than you think.

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Three deep dive masterclasses that will totally change how you see the job of parenting. 💛