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How about I tell you the most painfully humiliating experience I ever had as a mom, all brought on by an innocent coupon that arrived in the mail...

The Mama's Dilemma:

You want reasonable things:

Sit in the car seat.

Don't whack your brother with a sharp pencil.

Eat the lunch you begged me to make for you.

Why won't they do it? 

Don't they know this brings us to our knees? We HATE being that person yelling at them. 

It's not your fault. And weirdly, it's not theirs either.

But it's hard to know that because right now it feels like your child is going out of their way to make life difficult for you.

  • So you google parenting advice and buy some books that collect dust on your shelf because if you had any time at all you'd rather watch Game of Thrones than read even one chapter.
  • You want to ask for help at preschool drop off but you're too afraid to let the school director know how much of a nightmare you think your child is. After all you've got the twins, and you're still waiting to hear if they have room for them next year, so you nonchalantly whip your hair into a bun and do your best to look like you've got it all together. 
  • Secretly though, you hide in the back with all the other drop off parents and whisper little snippets about what's happening at home.
  • One of the moms tells you that if you don't get your daughter potty trained right now, she'll have social anxiety forever. The other tells you to "Forget it. They go when they go."



  • You give your girl a kiss, she kicks you for leaving, and you rush back to the car. Tears pour down your face because you love her so much but you kind of hate parenting sometimes, and you feel like there is NO. WAY. OUT. 
  • The phone rings. Your husband wants to know when you'll be back. The twins are hungry and they spilled the breastmilk bottle you left him. 

Now imagine this instead:


  • What would it be like if you knew exactly what you want to do about your daughter's potty training because you had customized solutions just for your family? Your very own guidebook reflective of YOUR family's values...
  • What if you knew exactly how to implement this plan because you were now an expert at supporting your child through her own growth points... 
  • What if you knew that when she refused to put underwear on this morning it wasn't personal. You had gotten so good at decoding her behavior you knew exactly what she was trying to communicate to you through her off track behavior, and you knew what to do to get her back on track...
  • What if because your daughter felt so cared for and understood, that she ran to give you a big hug as you left, instead of a kick in the shins...
  • And then when you got in the car and heard about the milk, it was less upsetting because...


You've already experienced so many wins and it's not even 9 am yet.

What kind of fairy godmother would you need in order to make that happen?

Well, I am no fairy godmother,

but I can make it happen for you. 

I will be there to help you with your kids behavior. Of course. But I will be so much more than that for you.

I am that mama who is there to pick you up when you need it most. 

That mama who can think with you about what is going on and provide you with ways to not just chase a behavior, but to actually build a person. 

The work we do will be based on your values, and if you don't know them (surprisingly common) I will help you begin to identify them. 

I will introduce you to all the research backed strategies you need, but much of the work we will do will be bespoke, personally tailored solutions. 

I will also help you learn the mindset and skills you need to stop trauma from reaching across the generations, and to make sure the story you are telling of your motherhood, is one that you are proud of. 

Will your life and kids be perfect once we work together?

Nope. But you won't need them to be anymore.

And because of that all of you will be free in a way you might not even be able to imagine right now.

There will always be waves in the ocean. That's ok. 

Most people worry about the waves.

(Don't be one of them.)

What I teach you is how to be such an amazing swimmer the waves don't matter.

How to know which ones to catch,

and which to let ride on by.

How to swim back up to the surface after a rough one,

and MOST OF ALL, I want you to know the glory of being able to ride the waves with joy and mastery, like the best surfers do.

Because it is once you reach that point - the waves of life, of parenthood, of all of it - they are just your own personal victories waiting to happen.

For we are not just quesadilla makers, mamas.

We are soul shapers.

Let's own it, and get down to business.

Welcome to a radically bold and loving approach to motherhood.

 For when the old ways don't work. 









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