Rise above
behavior & circumstance 

and create the life you want
for yourself and your 


Without apology.



The Transformation Team Project 

An Immersive Support Experience
for Parents of Kids 2-12 years old


In six short months you will learn how to:

Love - and like - your kids more than you thought possible.

Even if right now they're pummeling their sibling for the iPad, and you don't yet know how to make it stop.

KNOW with all certainty that you are a good parent.

Whether you currently rage, or have a habit of checking out - you'll learn how to be a benevolent leader you can be proud of. 

Break intergenerational trauma & rewrite your story, no matter how it started.

Be the parent you always promised yourself you'd be, so you can ensure a healthy emotional lineage for your family.

Ensure connected & kind teens, by doing what you need to in the earlier years.

Everything we do together will be building people you want to hang out with when they are 16 - even if they're already 12!

“The change in both the kids (and us!) has been tremendous.”

“Hi, Abigail, this is P’s husband. I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank you. Your guidance has really been invaluable and the change in both the kids and us has been tremendous, something I think we thought unattainable. I also wanted to thank you for the community that you are creating. This has been an amazing resource for our family!”

 - P.J.

Hi, I am Abigail Wald.


Parents come to me when they are tired of getting pushed past their breaking point, and they’re ready to LIKE their highly-sensitive, strong-willed kids as much as they LOVE them.

My podcasts have had more than a million downloads from parents all over the world, and this very mentorship project here has helped hundreds and hundreds of families optimize these kiddos to the point they can barely remember how difficult things used to be.

Welcome. I am glad you have made it here, to the "land of misfit toys" for kids and parents who don't fit into everyone else's box. 

You might have just found your way home.  



I will show you how to stop getting sidelined by the constant demands, the toddler hostage negotiations, the never-ending sibling rivalry, the screens they beg for…  

Because... <<NEWS FLASH>>

You aren’t just a
quesadilla maker/carpooler/
sock picker-upper/sibling broker.

You are a

"The boys are pushing your buttons, but you’re not cracking." 

"Thank you for your honesty and transparency. This is a very tough time and your teachings have brought me to a place of understanding. This morning I found my husband listening to your TTP. He said 'This must be helpful stuff. The boys are pushing your buttons, but you’re not cracking. I need to see what this is all about.' That was music to my ears…"

- F.M.L.

How parents feel before they enter the program:

Click the audio clips below to hear THEM say it...

Parenting doesn't come naturally!

I am overwhelmed and filled with resentment.

I'm becoming someone I never wanted to be...

I feel like I am just surviving...

My kids are draining me.

How parents feel upon graduating from the program:

Click the audio clips below to HEAR the difference...

I found what I've been missing!

I finally know how I want to parent.

I won back my kid's heart.

 So different from every other program!

 I like myself more.

My partner and I are now on the same page.

I don't rage anymore.

How we get you there:

Weekly Trainings: Given to you as strategically placed breadcrumbs, each lesson builds your understanding of what is really going on, and your skills for how to deal with it. These 30-ish-minute-long classes are watched on your own time-frame, so you can do them while you’re folding laundry, hiking, commuting or lying awake after a 3 A.M. feeding.


Deep Dive Masterclasses: Deep dives into the stuff we parents obsess over such as bedtime, kid anxiety, parent rage, siblings, chores, homework, screens, behavior, defiance, etc. Break out the popcorn - and maybe a pen, as you’ll want to take notes.


Live Group Coaching Calls: This is where we custom tailor all you’ve been learning, and get it to truly apply to YOUR family. We troubleshoot, we refine, we solve. You also get to listen in as I do this for everyone else in your cohort - which is awesome, because they will totally bring up the other ten things you meant to talk about that day but didn’t get to. Whether you join live, or catch the recording later, these calls are parenting gold. *Available to those doing the TTP Community/Concierge Track only.


Private VIP Line with Me:

Using an app named Voxer, you and I have a private walkie-talkie line so you can get in-the-moment, real-time help. Share your wins and debrief your losses. I will personally give you the next right step to move your family forward at each individual moment, making sure you get the deepest transformation you came here for. *Available to those doing the TTP Concierge Track only.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.


1. Explore the curriculum:


2. Pick your mentorship level:


3. Say yes and start today.


When what you need is an intelligent framework for "how to think" & "what to do" in the heat of parenting. You can trust yourself to stay accountable to a self-guided program.


The Core Course Curriculum:
 The six-month training program, as outlined in the first video above. You will be given everything you need to handle the ups, downs, and sideways of parenting. You are not learning MY way of parenting; you are using my framework to clearly define YOUR best way to parent the exact kids YOU have.

Accountability Buddy: Halfway through the program, you will have the opportunity to pair up with another parent in your track, should you wish to. This will help each of you stay on top of all the growth you are experiencing, and also help you cement your wins. 

Private SOS Line: Towards the end of the program, you’ll get unlimited access to “MFA Connect” - a private group of TTP parents, all of whom are ready to support you at a moment's notice. When you’re having a hard day, a Mother Flipping Awesome parenting net will be there to catch you every time.

One Private 20-Minute Session: Abigail or an MFA TTP Mentor will check in with you within the first six weeks to make sure you are thriving, and help set you up for success for the remainder of the program.

Dedicated MFA Coordinator: to help you with any tech needs you may have, or to connect you with any additional support you may want during the program.

Sign me up for CORE


When you also want personalized coaching, community, and more accountability. 


Everything in CORE +

Customized Application: 
Weekly Group Coaching sessions hold you accountable, as trained MFA Mentors show up for you in weekly 90 minute sessions to take your questions. These mentors are former TTP Grads who know the material in and out, and will help you APPLY  the trainings to YOUR OWN situations. Abigail even leads one of the group coaching sessions each month. 


Cohort & Community: Each week you get to learn in a cohort of no more than 25 families. Each of their questions will teach you as much as each of your own. No more feeling like a lone wolf, just because you want or need to parent in a way that is "different." From this day forward, you are part of a collective wolf pack that will massively boost your confidence, and help you find your own voice. 

Two Private 30-Minute Sessions: One with Abigail in Month Three, and another with your MFA TTP Mentor in Month Six.

The Opportunity to Keep Training with Me: Towards the end of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to join me in Weekly Rise, a weekly call for all TTP Grads who have already engaged in at least 6 months of group coaching. Not only that, but this track also opens up the possibility for you to train to become an MFA TTP Mentor yourself one day!

* This Track will be offered again in Autumn 2022.


When you do best with a small, intimate group. You want high-level access to Abigail and are seeking the deepest level of personal transformation. You need more than curriculum and community. You want ME there, by your side, to help you clean up your mind, your soul, and your every day habits.


Everything in COMMUNITY +

Small Cohorts:
 Ten families or less. We meet as a group, every week of the program, for a two-hour call each time. Deep work. Intense transformation. Tight community. Judging from past cohorts, these will likely be your parenting besties for years to come. 

Private VOXER line:
 You have access to my phone. I am there to hand hold you through the course, making sure we help you through every nook and cranny of the learning. I have had parents call me to negotiate a "hostage" crisis with a toddler holed up in the bathroom, or in the midst of a screentime fight with their tween to know what tactical move to make next.  My Concierge clients are also invited to work with me on a weekly or monthly retainer, should the need ever come up.

Partner with your Partner: 
Some people choose to do the program with their partner. Some don’t. Either way, in Concierge, I am available to speak with you and your partner so we can help you get on the same page, even if you are coming from different perspectives.

* Please note: The Concierge Track is not being offered  until Autumn 2022.

If you know this is the track you want, then WRITE TO ME HERE and we will make a plan for you. 

Got a question for us?

Reach out RIGHT HERE, and ask.

“ I can honestly say I am a different person, different mum right now.”


"I have so much more kindness for myself, my husband and my kiddos. I enjoy being with my kids, I like and love them!! I haven't always been able to say that.”



“It's so strange looking back at the notes from the first month!”

“I have learned so much!! I know now that I am enough for my kids, that I really can change and eliminate the rage that was flowing through my body last year. Things feel so much different. Everything we covered has just inspired me to want to be a better person, to face up to things that I've avoided for so many years, to start living life fully with my husband and kiddos and not just a life that I think people expect me to live. But to live the life I actually want to live.”


“The transformation I’ve undergone in the last few months has been tremendous.”

“I feel that. And yet it feels barely visible. Intangible. Working at the root system, so much has happened under the earth. But my seed has just sprouted.”




You might be wondering...

“A real eye-opener.” 

“We learned so much more than we were expecting. The course gave us tools that made us more powerful, and less out of control. It also made me realize what we were bringing to make it bad in the first place."


 “Your course is my lifeline right now!!  Honestly.” 

“Your discussions give me so many ideas and so much hope. They really re-energize me when I'm on the floor.”


"I feel so incredibly lucky to have found you and your community."

"Thank you for all you do. You have saved me from myself and brought me back to myself at the same time. I am more grateful - and more inspired - than you can know. Really, thank you!"

- Z.M.

You are a human being who is doing their best.
And the less time you spend agonizing over who you are, and
the more time you spend SAYING YES to the person you want to be,
the more your life will look like you want it to.

Hear/See/Feel What It's Like to Say YES...

YES to connection and leadership:


YES to sibling harmony:


YES to community:


YES to confidence:


YES to calm:


YES to money well spent:


It's time to choose.