The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast

Season 2, Episode 16

How to Help Your Strong-Willed Kid
Work FOR the Family Instead of AGAINST You

 On this episode, we explore...

Some kids listen easily. Maybe even some of YOUR kids. But ooh, there's that ONE that just seems to drum to his own beat. No worries. I'll happily slip you their sheet music. ;) Listen in to this episode, and I will show you the secret to how you can ask that child to do things in a way that will have them saying yes, and how to tell them no when you need to - in a way that won't have them losing it when you do.

These kids are my jam. I get them because my oldest IS one, and he has taught me so much about how he works - and how he doesn't. And I have helped hundreds of families optimize these kiddos to the point they can barely remember how difficult things used to be. 

Parenting is

We help you clean that shit up.