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The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast

Season 4, The Before & After Series;
Episode 3 From Anxiety to Ease Featuring Karen

In this special series, Abigail focuses on what transformation really looks like for the families she mentors.

In this episode, we meet Karen, a mom who was on the edge because her kid was on the edge. It's not until they have tried everything she can think of, that they try this. Luckily this works. 


Sneak peek:

This week Abigail speaks with Karen, a mom who was deeply worried about her son's lack of emotional regulation. She had tried everything she could but nothing was working. Her experience of parenting and his experience of childhood were both feeling heavy until luckily she found support in building her own personal way of parenting. Now her whole family feels light and easy - most of the time anyway!  

2:00 Karen shares how she came to meet Abigail.

3:00 Karen shares what her life looked like at that point, and how her son was  struggling deeply with his emotions.

5:00 Abigail and Karen talk about how "parenting in theory" and "parenting in application" can look like two very different things sometimes. 

9:00 Karen reflects on how she started to see positive results in her family, and how this encouraged her to keep choosing this new path to her success.

11:00 Abigail explains The MFA mantra "SUFUSU" that really spoke to Karen, and helped her through some tough times.

13:00 Karen explains her transformation from someone who was deeply worried about her son, to someone who could now be deeply in love with her son.

17:00 Together, Abigail and Karen explore the seeming contradiction that we can be a conscious loving parent, and yet somehow still have to go on a long journey until our family can feel the way we hoped it would.

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