When you're tired of losing it...
We're here to help you WIN it.


We've done it for over 500 other families,
and we're ready to do it for you as well.

A 6-month immersion into your family so you can love (and like!) your people again. And yourself.

The world tells us the story that kind, gentle parenting should be enough. But for so many of us, it's not. Our kids need more – or WE need more. Mother Flipping Awesome bridges the gap for you between what you always wanted it to look like, and who you and your kids actually are.


I'm Abigail Wald.

I have two sons that I adore, but almost none of parenting was what I imagined it would be. My kids were more complicated, and so was I. The early years of motherhood broke me, until I took inspiration from my childhood hero, The Bionic Woman, and rebuilt myself better than before. Since then, I have spent the last decade helping other parents become unshakeable in their love and unbreakable in their patience. So they can love their kids fully, like them wholly, and raise them spectacularly.

At the end of our six months together,
this is what you can expect: 

👏 Simple yet powerful systems that you can use from age 2 to age 12. (If you have teens, you may prefer to get on the waitlist for TTP for Teens)

👏 We don't do cookie-cutter here. We customize and optimize everything for your family's temperaments and your lifestyle. Which means...

👏 No more guessing or Googling. You have your very own personalized parenting playbook with step-by-step frameworks for everything that your life, your kids, and even your in-laws, can throw at you. 

👏 Knowing that even if your kid is gifted, anxious, or differently wired, they are indeed figure-out-able. Now you can stop worrying so much ABOUT them and start enjoying life WITH them. 

👏 The theory, language, and strategies you need, so you know WHY things happen, WHAT TO SAY when they do, and HOW you can react to shift things. 

👏 We basically come in and "Marie Kondo" your emotional life, organizing every nook and cranny of your parenting experience. Siblings, bedtime, screens, chores? Yep, you'll have that locked down. Anxiety, defiance, overwhelm, rage? Yep, you'll have a playbook for each and every one of those too.  

👏 For all of these reasons and more, TTP is almost always the last (or only!) parenting course you'll ever have to take.

And while everyone's experience is unique, here are some examples of what you can expect to FEEL:


This is right for you IF: 

⭐️ You've read every book and blog, and listened to every podcast, but you need something EXPERIENTIAL that enlightens you personally and shifts things for you practically.

⭐️ Feeling accomplishment as a parent is something you want badly even if right now you can't see it.

⭐️ While neither you nor your kids fit in a box (and you wouldn't want to) you wish they weren't struggling so much with anxiety, rivalry, super big feelings, screens, defiance, inflexibility. You're tired of worrying about your kids as much as you love them.

⭐️ You're ready to claim these years of your life as the years you FOUND yourself instead of lost yourself. You miss your sense of humor, your friends, your intellectual curiosity. You want it all back, but you can't figure out how.

⭐️ You refuse to pass on any more intergenerational trauma. You want things to flow differently from this point on, and you want to learn how to make that happen.



This may NOT be right for you IF: 

★ You are just looking for a "quick fix" and aren't inspired to attain deep, long-lasting change.

★ You are very attached to a single parenting philosophy, and are not willing to consider that different children may require you to open your mind to other options as well.

★ You believe that only therapists and doctors could help your child, and are of the mindset that you are less powerful than they are.  

Over 500 families have used our program to transform their lives,
and have sent us no fewer than 1000 love letters of gratitude.

Click the pictures below to hear them celebrate
their transformations..


Here's how we did it for them.
And how we can do it for you too:

The Recorded Lessons:

👉 Weekly Mindflips: 

One class at a time. The pace you need: no more, no less. These 30-ish-minute-long classes are watched on your own time-frame, so you can do them while you’re folding laundry, hiking, commuting or lying awake after a 3 A.M. feeding. Each class ends with an action step to take you to the next level.

👉 Monthly Masterclasses: 

Deep dives into the stuff we parents obsess over such as bedtime, kid anxiety, parent rage, siblings, chores, homework, screens, behavior, defiance, etc. Break out the popcorn - and get some quality screentime in for yourself.


The LIVE Coaching:

👉 24 Group Calls: 

This is where we custom tailor all you’ve been learning, and get it to truly apply to YOUR family. We troubleshoot, we refine, we solve. You also get to listen in as we do this for everyone else in your cohort - which is awesome, because they will totally bring up the other ten things you meant to talk about that day but didn’t get to. Whether you join live, or catch the recording later, these calls are parenting gold. 

👉 Private VIP Support:

Whenever you need extra support, you have the option to add it. Do private sessions with any of your three MFA Mentors, or take it to the next level with an app named Voxer, where you and your Mentor have a private walkie-talkie line so you can get in-the-moment, real-time help. Share your wins and debrief your losses. We will personally give you the next right step to move your family forward at each individual moment, making sure you get the transformation you came here for. 

The Community:

👉 Accountability Buddy: 

Halfway through the program we pair you up with another parent in your cohort to help each of you stay on top of all the growth you will be experiencing, and to help you celebrate your progress. (Optional, but recommended.)  

👉 A Place to Call Home:

You'll relax into the comfort of finally finding "your people" in this community where radical safety is our norm, and where our MFA Mentors hold your experience as a parent, point you towards where you want to go, and never make you feel shame for not being there already. 

👉 Private SOS Line: 

We all have hard days sometimes, so we've created a Mother Flipping Awesome net to catch you on those days: Towards the end of the program, you’ll get unlimited access to “MFA Connect” - a private group of MFA parents, all of whom have studied this way of parenting with me, and are ready to support you at a moment's notice. This is just one example of the many MFA Gifts that will keep lifting your life up long after your program ends.


PLUS These awesome Bonuses:

💝 Abigail Archives: 

A carefully curated selection of the "best of" the last five years' worth of coaching calls, these real-life moments with other parents will augment your learning exponentially. 

💝 Two Private Sessions: 

Two 30-minute one-on-one sessions with the MFA Mentor of your choice, one in Month 3 and one in Month 6.




750 USD/month, for 6 months

Next Cohort starts in January.


Questions Parents Ask Before Saying
“Abso-freaking-lutely YES” to TTP...

"I definitely had a lot of reservations initially, mostly time and money, but now I have zero regrets. It was the most amazing thing I've ever done for my family.-A.L.



Curious about the subjects we cover?

It's an inclusive list from mealtime to screens to your own mental health!


Check out our complete 6-month syllabus for more detail.


We clean up your brain, meaning we undo all the stuff you have soaked up about what it means to raise children and make sure you aren’t running on any programs that aren’t YOUR OWN. You will also uncover all the things you are currently doing that inadvertently allow stress in your family, and we will slowly, carefully unhook these habits. 


We ground you in YOUR VALUES, in order to help us keep our eye on the prize. We also get you concrete everyday tools you can put in practice right away to get more genuine connection and joy with your kids, and shift the energy in your home from the get-go. This is the month you start liking your kids as much as you love them.


We move you into leadership, so you can learn how to properly identify the “holes” in your system, and exactly how you can take action to shore them up. This is also the month you learn how to set ridiculously effective limits with your kids - that they will actually accept and even sometimes thank you for. What?? Yep. This is a month of serious skill building for you - and your kids!


Four deep-dive masterclasses that help you tell a whole new story around bedtime, parent rage, sibling struggles, and chores/homework. You’ll learn the secrets to transforming each of these potential flashpoints and daily drains into positive energy-givers. 


More deep-dives. This time, we explore how to help our children build their best selves in a world full of screens and anxiety, and how they can balance their own strong-willed nature with a need to find their place in society at large.


A month long exploration into emotional projects, brain hacks, optimization, and growth mindset. From this point forward, parenting will never look the same to you. It will be so much clearer, fuller, and more rewarding.

Meet Our Community

At the beginning of their journey, in their own words:

“I’m working from home and my wife is looking after the kids and trying to study.”

"I have been a widow for almost 4 years now.”

"Both kids struggle with sensory processing issues"

“We’ve been married for seven years and I’m a stay-at-home mom. My son is an only child.”

We have eight children, one is at college so only seven are at home.”

"My daughter is adopted."

"My husband has severe depression so I am left dealing with a lot of the parenting decisions.”

"I am retired and providing frequent childcare to my grandchildren.

"We are an LGBTQ (two moms) household.

I work. Dad stays home with our daughter but she is in daycare.”

We’re two Filipino dads raising two caucasian sons adopted from foster care." 

"I’m trying out being in a new relationship and realizing the issues that can bring for parenting.”

"Our daughter often mentions she ‘wants to be a boy’ and states she is non-binary."

“We are one big happy, messy, loud family.”

"I suspect that my son might have ADHD."

"I am single parenting and working from home with no practical family support"

“I’m a stay-at-home Dad who does part-time freelance work.”

“We are parenting together, my partner and I, but he doesn’t agree with how I parent.”

“I am a mixed heritage person. My daughter is biracial and bicultural.”

"Both of us come from a long line of anxiety and depression.”

"We are happily married."

“I’m pretty sure we're all "neurodivergent" whatever that means.”

‘We’re married, homeschooling and working from home.”

"There was a lot of trauma around the birth, and I am not sure we've ever been able to truly heal."

In case you're wondering...

"Will I have time to do it?"



"Will it be worth the investment?"


"Will it help my partner and I get on the same page?"



We only have 25 spots available per cohort, 
so spots are genuinely limited.

The Transformation Team Project

Next cohort starts early 2024.