Why I cried over an egg...

Jan 26, 2022

I cried over an egg the other day. 

Well, there was a bit more to it actually.

In fact, there was so much to it I sat down and wrote a poem after it happened. 

 Read my poem right here and see if you can relate.

Luckily while I felt a bit alone in my kitchen at that moment, in my heart I knew that I am not alone. Since well before Covid, I have been creating a safe haven for parents all around the world. Every week we come together and openly share the challenges we each face. I hold space for them, offer them proven frameworks to create the lives they want for themselves and their children, and then we collectively celebrate whoever is currently rising above whatever had previously held them back.

So when I had my egg-yolky kind of day, I followed my own advice and I knew just what to do:

  1. Inspire myself.

I listened to this song that one of the parents in my mentorship program sent me last year. (She said this is what our work feels like for her. I couldn't agree more.)

  1. Take action.

I used my MFA knowledge to pull me out. I leaned on the mindlfips, tools, skills, and systems that I have built for over a decade now. And they worked. Ten minutes later we were laughing and hugging.

  1. Celebrate the rise.

This one happened in a surprising way. I had to teach later that day. I shared my egg story with a mom and dad on the call. And my hard moment helped those parents feel less alone, and also make a better choice than I had (oops!). And so it was the circle was complete. 

I didn't need to be perfect. Neither did they. Sharing our collective truths heals our todays, but it also educates us so we can make better tomorrows.

P.S. Have you snagged your MFA STARTER PACK yet? 👇