25 ways parenting has reinvented you — and one way you can reinvent it back. :)

Oct 26, 2022

First you were you. 

Then you were a parent.

Same you...

But different:

1. sleep schedule

2. priorities

3. friends

4. sex/dating life

5. hip width

6. relationship to your in-laws

7. relationship to your own parents

8. frequency with which you lose your temper 

9. working memory capacity

10. relationship to your car, your bathroom, and anywhere else you can hide, LOL

11. workout schedule

12. amount of love you thought you were capable of feeling

13. tolerance for talking about urine and poop

14. way people perceive you at work and in the world

15. comfort level with walking around with your boobs literally leaking

16. amount of times you get hit in a day, which used to be zero and can no longer be counted upon

17. definition of sanity

18. tolerance for people crawling on your head

19. music that you listen to

20. view of your own childhood

21. sense of yourself in the space-time continuum of your own lineage

22. vacations that are possible

23. car you drive

24. way the pandemic affected you

25. number of stimulating and intelligent conversations you have in a day


So what do you say we take back our lives and tell a new story about parenting?

Join me for a genuinely fabulous discussion that I have with Navy graduate and former fitness instructor Shawn Marshall, now the host of the Reinvent Yourself Series. 

Shawn does not have kids but he was interested in how parenting reinvents us as humans, and we spent an hour having one of my FAVORITE CONVERSATIONS EVER. 

I defy you to listen to this and not feel deeply seen — and better yet inspired to claim the life you really want to be living

And just think - this FANTASTIC conversation will immediately turn around #25 on that list!! Not to mention the other awesome conversations that Shawn will share with you as part of this free summit.👇

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