Two words that perfectly describe "parenting."

Apr 16, 2022

I remember before I became a parent, I asked a close friend with twins to tell me more about what his experience was really like. He paused and thought for a moment and summed it up in one word:


Wow, I thought. Really?? / What does that even mean/ And is it that bad?

And while my brain was trying to make sense of his answer, I noticed there was a beautiful smile on his mouth as he had said it. It was as if his mouth was saying "relentless," but his soul was saying "magical."

In the end, I just stared at him wondering what it would feel like to me when I had kids. 

And now, years later, I realize they are both true:

Parenting is relentless. And it is magical. 

During the child-rearing years, it is like time has stopped and then started again. But now life has a new set of rules. A new language.

Once we enter into the vortex, we are forever changed.

So today, I thought I'd celebrate this "new you" by jotting down a few things you probably know now that you are a parent, that maybe you didn’t before:

🍼 That nipples leak milk at the sound of love.

πŸŒ› That the middle of the night can sometimes feel like a vacation and like hell all at the very same time. 

🐣 That the sweet baby you let into your home has brought a suitcase full of CHAOS.  

🀦🏻‍♀️ That you will now spend years trying to control said chaos. All to no end. 

🧘🏽‍♀️ That the chaos IS the joy and that trying to control it is the art and practice of life. 

🌸 That flowers really are to be enjoyed deeply and that each flower can last many many minutes.  

⏱ That you are living way too fast for anyone’s benefit.

🀷🏻‍♀️ That it will never all be done. Whatever IT is. 

πŸ–Ό That each phase is simply one tiny dot on a pixel of a picture you can’t even see yet.

πŸ‘‹ That everyone will have an opinion on what you are doing, no matter what you do, and that it will be so impossible to please everyone that you will finally start listening to your own damn self.

😍 That you can oddly feel so needed and so lonely all at the very same time.

🌎 That touching the core of the earth could not be any hotter than touching the core of parenthood. You will in fact be incinerated by the process. But you will also be freed.

❀️ That hearts don't just break, they can also break open. 

Maybe the best way to describe parenting is like this...

"Relentlessly magical." 

I am honored to be your guide through the vortex.

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