Is your home full of little ducklings, or wolf pups?

Jul 30, 2022


Why is it so hard for us to admit that, both on a personal and societal level?

I think it is because we have confused "hard" with "bad."

These kids aren't bad. They're glorious. They're just not easy "do it because I said so" kids.

How do you know if you have one of these kids?

Well, you might often wind up feeling like your best is never good enough. 

Like no matter how many blogs, podcasts, books you consume you still wind up:



Out of solutions. 

This is how many of the amazing parents who land on our doorstep at Mother Flipping Awesome feel. 


Extra stubborn. Extra sensitive. Extra volatile.  

Your kid is a WOLF PUP, not a duckling. 

And they eat conscious parenting for breakfast. 

I get it. Precisely because this is my life with my two outstanding, amazing, sweet, strong-willed, highly sensitive boys. I do NOT get to just tell them what to do. Which can sometimes be frustrating because as their parent, there are many times I have needed to.

So we had to build different ways to do that. 

Because my oldest's anxiety needed a different method of handling. 

So did his strong-willed nature. 

My youngest's high-sensitivity also presented challenges to traditional parenting approaches.

As did my own values. 

I wanted to be a loving, connected, communicative parent, but so much of the time I just felt... 


On the one hand, I couldn't just demand compliance, and on the other hand no amount of loving connectedness got us all on the same team either. 

I have spent the last 15 years honing a soul-shaping approach that works beautifully with kids like this. And that the parents feel AMAZING about. 

The result?

No longer being afraid of — and for — your child.

If you have ducklings, you may not understand that sentence. But if you have even just one wolf pup you might have shivers down your spine right now understanding how monumentally huge that is. 

Not sure if your kid IS a wolf pup? You might want to watch this clip here from a conversation I had with Filza Jabin of Intentional Parenting recently:

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