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MFA Mentorship transforms families.

Here's what transformation looks like.

quotation left"Prior to TTP, I had a lot of blame on myself for my child's challenging behavior thinking I just wasn't doing things enough or correctly. I have been able to release these feelings and now understand that he has his own temperament that is natural to him and my job is to optimize it." -AS

quotation left"MFA has given us tools that have made us feel more powerful, and less out of control, but it's also made me realize what we were bringing to make it bad in the first place." -LM

quotation left"What you are doing is so very special and unlike anything I’ve ever come across. And it is SOO needed especially for parents of these remarkable and unique kiddos."- MW

quotation left"When I parent like this for my son it is monumental, above and beyond for him. He just melts into cooperation." -ST

quotation left"I am a scientist, and Abigail's way of framing things truly speaks to me at my core. I’ve always known that calm is contagious and anxiety breeds anxiety, but this puts it into a whole new perspective for me. So so helpful." -AL

quotation left"I am truly thankful for my strong-willed child now, I’m also thankful to have the support of this course as I can’t imagine how frustrated we would all be without it." -KH

quotation left"I KNEW you had what I was looking for!!!!! :) You always amaze me with how much you understand about the situation just from hearing a question. You hit it bang." -SJ

quotation left"Exactly what I need to support my children. This makes it possible to have a more organized approach ... so grateful!" -GD

quotation left"TTP has become a necessary part of my day to day. It was up there on my list “Best of 2019.” Thanks for saving my house from burning down. Thanks for loving me even when I showed you how ugly I can be." -AR

quotation left"I feel transformed by it. I wish I could have it with me in my back pocket all the time, but I have enough and it was such an amazing experience that it is sort of always with me. Basically, I carry it with me every day." -JS

quotation left"I am slowly finding my way back to me 2.0! I will never be 1.0 (pre-kids) but I am finding my updated version of me where there is space for silliness, my goals, my emotions. It feels so good! Thank you for this "selfish" parenting course! Best course EVER :)" -AO

quotation left"our own family and within our own family values.  We all need different things…some more structure, some less…and all is okay and good." -AG

quotation left"I also used to feel “what am I doing wrong that my kid acts like this?” and “why is my kid so much harder than my friends’ kids?” This group has brought me so much comfort and it feels like a weight has been lifted that others “get it.” And helping my kid through his tantrum this morning and then watching him apologize tonight all on his own was HUGE. This situation would have looked drastically different a couple months ago, so thank YOU for all of this amazing teaching that is guiding this transformation." -JT

quotation left"TTP has changed my life. In so many ways. I think the largest way is feeling like a solid foundation in where I’m coming from as a parent even as that shifts at times as well. It’s been so helpful for me to be able to tune out all the noise of what parenting or life “should” look like. Luckily I got the motivation I needed to finally type this out as my husband is very happy that I took the course." -TR

quotation left"My husband and I joke that when I signed up for TTP I kind of wanted a super nanny to come in and change my kids behavior and what I got was so much more because I feel like it has really changed me." -AG

quotation left"We played duck duck goose on the trampoline and then they started playing games together. For once, I noticed they WERE NOT FIGHTING. I soaked it in… They were HOLDING HANDS and laughing." -VG

quotation left"I have learned so much!! I know now that I am enough for my kids, that I really can change and eliminate the rage that was flowing through my body last year. Things feel so much different - I know my children better. I never thought we could be this connected so soon." -MW

quotation left"I realized today that I can’t remember the last time I shouted at the boys and felt the red mist take over. This is so huge for me; I now have the tools and gems in my armory that help me to feel empowered to meet EVERYONE's needs (including mine, hurrah!). It feels like my nervous system is beginning to recover & the ripple effect feels like basking in the sun." -LW

quotation left"I swear - This entire course has bee-lined for my heart. I'm changing and healing. So freaking grateful." -KO

quotation left"I really can't overstate how profound an impact you and TTP have had on my life. I have made some definite progress releasing my inner-critic. For years I have been so sad about my childhood and my deeply flawed parents. I am no longer a victim, powerless in their house. I have created a beautiful life for myself and am raising my children the way they didn’t raise me. I can embrace that powerful position I am in and let go of the younger victim. She has changed." -ES

quotation left"I feel like I am actually showing up for MY life. I'm not dissociated. I'm clear. I'm not running away. I'm believing I can do this. I'm not losing my kid. I'm enjoying him. We are doing this together. After sleepwalking through my entire life, I feel I am actually awake to it, and WOAH, we're going!" -KO

The whole reason I am a therapist was because shit was broken during my teen years and maybe before.  And seriously this is the first time I feel like I have begun to understand those wounds.  Because it’s the first time I have worked with someone so devoted to the parent child dynamic." -TG

quotation left" I'm not a recipient of what life presents anymore, I'm an agent, even when I feel beaten down." -NS

quotation left"I felt like we finally broke the cycle and I was able to connect, when usually I lose him completely. What a gift going into the holidays. Grateful for this group and all of your wisdom Abigail! The cracks of light are finding their way back into our home." -AS

quotation left"I knew what to do. 6 months ago I would have picked him up and put him in the car. This did not happen today. Two months ago I probably would have frozen on the spot because I knew I didn’t want to put him in the car but didn’t know what else to do. But today I had other strategies available." -GG

quotation left"I’m kind of amazed how well things are going. I feel like I’m hacking the shit out of my relationships." -AS

quotation left"When I started this course I felt very self conscious around my own family about how I was parenting, but I think everyone has seen a change in the kids and lets me do my thing more which is good." -TR

quotation left"My oldest, our strong willed child, is glowing more often. She has a twinkle in her eye much more frequently. I feel like she feels like she is part of the family again as she was on the outskirts for so long. I am learning to speak her language and she is thriving." -AO

quotation left"You and your team are nothing short of miracle workers! Thank you again for pouring your heart and soul into creating this incredible community!!! I’m forever grateful!!!" - KP