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Be honest. 

Do holiday dinners
with your family
look more like 
sharing pie or
flinging pie? 

Introducing a limited time Masterclass:

From Judgy to Jolly

Your holiday survival guide for family gatherings 👏


Let's face it. You've been hurt before.

But each year, you just stuff it all down and cross your fingers that this year it will somehow be better.

After all, you're older now. You've got a family of your own.

Maybe this time... won't let the comments & comparisons get to you?

...they will see how awesome you really are?

...they'll notice what an amazing parent you've become?


How about we unpack this a little, and lighten your load?

I'd love to show you what it's like to have a concrete plan for how to:

👉 Keep your ever-moving kiddos occupied, while being able to also set a limit that, "No they can't play keepaway with Grandpa's hairpiece."

👉 Lovingly rebuff your sister's relentless suggestions for how to be a better parent; while also letting her know how much you value her suggestions for her— they're just not right for YOU. 

👉 Have recovery rituals in place for all the "social event overwhelm" so you can avoid the post-holiday meltdowns (the kids' and yours too!)

Go in more prepared and protected, so you can have more pie this season — and fewer pie fights.