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I got so much out of MFA mentorship that I just think if somebody's on the edge and thinking, you know, do I want to do this? I'd love to just share my reflections because we're sort of standing out and looking where we're going. So I just wanted to think of some of the doubts I had and then reflect on them now when I look back.

So obviously the first one most people are thinking about is the financial side.

It was, was a big commitment for us. But now I can see it was a really good investment, best money I've ever spent.


For anyone interested in MFA mentorship and just not sure or the fence about it. I highly highly recommend it. Like I think there's no one that goes through this process who regrets it. I definitely had a lot of reservations initially, mostly time and money, but now I have zero regrets.

It was the most amazing thing I've ever done for my family.





Mentorship is a custom-built 6-month framework that distills 16 years of hard won parenting wisdom into an easily digestible framework that delivers RESULTS.


This immersive program covers the following topics:


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Mentorship Community*
25 families or fewer per cohort
Approx 90 minutes per week of in-depth pre-recorded trainings (see 6-month syllabus below)
+ One 90 min LIVE group call each week (3 with Chris & Holly, 1 with Abigail) so we can apply everything to YOUR family

750 USD/month x 6
*25 spots available Sign up to get access to the course materials immediately. Coaching will begin early 2023.

Mentorship Concierge*
10 families or fewer per cohort 
Approx 90 minutes per week of in-depth pre-recorded trainings (see 6-month syllabus below)
+ One 90 min LIVE group call each week, with Abigail
Voxer access so you can ask Abigail q's as needed and get personalized answers on demand.
1800 USD/month x 6
*10 spots available Sign up to get access to the course materials immediately. Coaching will begin early 2023.


 If you have further questions please contact [email protected]

Here is what our Grads 

have to say about Mentorship:


" 10 / 10 would recommend"

"RADICALLY changed our relationship"

"Go for it!"

"Best money I've ever spent"

"No one who goes through this process regrets it"

My eldest (8) is strong willed and my youngest (6) is super sensitive. Loving this work and all it has taught me! I came to mentorship having done hand in hand which was WONDERFUL but for our family not enough.

Mentorship was my 40th birthday present to myself last year and it was the best present I could have received!


As I go into this new academic year with my children I am really able to take stock on how far we’ve come through using the program. I have systems, support and tools to use to support us all (including myself). My family is still my family with all its’ challenges but I now know how to move things forward and ride the waves. - G. G.

Before I started mentorship, this house was a bunch of NO's. It was just me hitting the NO button all the time, because I thought that's how I gotta set limits.

What we found out is yes, he's really tough and he's strong-willed and sensitive — but so are we, and it's a two-part equation. Now that we can just stabilize one part of the equation, the other part is not so hard anymore.


It was such a massive relief to come into MFA Mentorship and discover other people who had "no" kids like me. I remember there was one group call and Abigail asked who's got a "no" kid? and loads of people like raise their hand. I was like, oh, thank goodness. Because I didn't really know any other people with "no" kids.

MFA Mentorship has been like phenomenal for me as a person. 

Like it's helped me in so many different areas as opposed to just with my kids so much so that I'm now reevaluating my career and starting a new business.


Hey everyone. I have an eight-year-old and a five-year-old. The eight-year-old has more “autistic” traits and the five-year-old has more “ADHD” traits, but they’re both highly sensitive and strong-willed—as are my spouse and I. I’m a three-time grad; I started in October of 2019 with a lot of pre-existing trauma, and this community and Abigail’s warmth and safety was such an anchor for me throughout the pandemic. I spent the entire February-October 2021 session crying, on just about every call, and the growth that Abigail was able to lead me through has been transformational, not just with my kids but in my whole life. It’s like she helped me re-write my entire nervous system.

10/10 would recommend.

- E.R.
My older son who's very strong willed and anxious and highly sensitive was being very violent and having meltdowns like almost a daily basis. And he had like knocked in his door and pulled down his curtain rod and was talking about self harm. And we'd tried therapy for him and then we tried a psychologist and I'd read so many books and I'd listened to so many podcasts and it wasn't enough.
I was very desperate when we tried MFA Mentorship and our journey has been wonderful. We've really helped to turn our kiddo around. I think it's in large part because of the tools that we learned in the program.
It feels so much less isolating to have this community where you have people that totally get it.

I'm a mom to two strong-willed kids and before MFA I just remember thinking, how can somebody so small have me on my knees? I'm also an occupational therapist. I've been working with kids and families for, I don't know, 12 years or something like that. I had this really high expectation of my competence and she just undid me.

I'm now many years later able to look at that and say, I am so immensely grateful that I have this person in my life who could undo that for me so that I could start to see myself in a much more authentic way.


Hi all. I am a Concierge Grad from the last cohort and I cannot express enough how much I recommend this work.  We have a blended family and kids who I thought just had attachment wounds from their early childhood experiences but for years

I could not understand why parenting them was so difficult.  

No standard parenting techniques were working.  We did family therapy, parent therapy, parenting courses and I listened to all the podcasts - Abigail’s included - but nothing seems to work or make life any easier.  Doing the course has literally turned the light bulb on for our family.  I now realize that I have ADHD (and recently diagnosed) and that our 3 children are all neurodivergent and that it is the combination of all of these factors that made our life so difficult.  - it is still uber challenging but we have so much more understanding of what is happening coupled with the tools to address the behavior and most importantly, knowing what we need to do to help the kids to grow - that was the piece that I think I was missing before I did the course. 

Go for it!

- J. N.

Hi all, TTP grad and long-time MFA community member here. I am a single mama to a 10-year old SW and HS son and a 7-year old daughter. My son is really who brought me to the work of hand-in-hand and then Abigail many years ago. Navigating the end of my marriage with a 5-year old and 2-year old certainly brought me to my knees. My son and I had a pretty tumultuous relationship (we are both SW and HS) for the first few years of his life. Connecting with him and learning who he is and how to parent him has RADICALLY changed our relationship. I have found that this way of parenting is a way of life and it works when I work it so I’m renewing my commitment and coming back to calls and TTP masterclasses to dive back in. That being said, I will never be the same person I was before I started this work. I felt powerless, confused, and pretty much hated being a mom. At this point, I have immense gratitude and love for motherhood and for my kids and all of the ways it and they have invited me to grow and heal and transform. -K.L.

When I started the program, I felt very invisible in my house. And I think that's something that we as moms, possibly dads as well can feel sometimes when we feel like maybe we're putting out so much for our kids and our needs are not in the equation. 

It's made all the difference with widening my community with feeling more vulnerability to lead my family which changed my life. My husband's life and my kids life.

It's more than it's more than just parenting. It's a whole journey. 


Hey - a very recent grad. I’m in London, UK and we have a nearly 9 strongly willed & sensitive daughter and a 6.5 yr old son who’s sensitive & prob neuro something .


I’m such a big fan of this work. ❣️

-S. S.