Some kids are harder. A little...EXTRA.

Extra stubborn. Extra sensitive. Extra volatile.

Sometimes it's us. Gulp.

Either way, if you are feeling out-witted, out-willed and

out of solutions that's when you call me.

Hi. I'm Abigail Wald.

I've helped 10,000+ families take

**what feel like** insurmountable challenges -

and taught them the art 🎨 and science 🔬

of decoding why it's going wrong.

So they know how to make it go right.

Here's how we pair your love + my knowledge to make it all... 

SO. MUCH. EASIER for you:

We give you TOOLS & Mindflips that inspire you 


We believe that every kid is "FIGURE-OUT-ABLE". Gifted, anxious, or differently wired. Exploding, or imploding.

Every kid has got their manual.It's written in invisible ink, and we've got the special flashlight to help you read it.


 We give you COACHING so you can APPLY those tools with CONFIDENCE 



 No one needs another great parenting idea that stays on the pages of a book.

We make sure you know how to APPLY what you're learning to YOUR real-life family.



We connect you with a COMMUNITY of parents whose stories will LIGHTEN your load, and ENLIGHTEN your path




The first day you join mentorship is
the last day you feel so alone in your parenting.

 Things have been so much better. Like before I started TTP, I just couldn't even leave the kids in the same room together without supervision for fear that, honestly, that my son may kill my daughter by accident. Like, I'm not even stretching that. It truly was something that we were on the trajectory for. So to now be able to leave them alone, I can be upstairs, they can be downstairs, they can be in the garage by themselves. I really truly have a much greater sense of peace in letting them be. That's incredible. And then when my son randomly said the other day as, we were leaving for school, he said, tell Evie I said goodbye which is huge. He never even acknowledges that he's leaving her. And he said that I love her. I cried. I’m almost crying again when I'm retelling the story because it's just so incredible to just see and feel that sense of love that he has for her after a year and a half of a year of doing this work. It's just absolutely outstanding. So I can't thank you enough for that. -A.F.

My older son, who was I think nine at the time, was just losing it. He was really emotionally dis-regulated, like pulling his curtains, the whole rod off the wall denting his door. He was just physically attacking things and us and breaking down all the time. The anxiety level of my older child  is just crazy and a win that we had recently. Like he hates summer camps and last week he said that he decided to go to this sleep-away camp that his English teacher wants him to do. And he was like, I really wanna do this mom. That would never have happened before TTP. This kid is just facing his fears and doing what he wants and I'm accepting his struggles and it's just been transformational. -E.S.


"The Transformation Team Project"

6 Month Program
Max. 25 families per cohort


-45 min a week of Video/Audio Lessons 

(watch on your own schedule) + an interactive comments section to further your learning.

A weekly selection of Recorded "Abigail Archives"
(A carefully curated selection of the "best of" the last five years' worth of coaching calls.)

- 90 Minute Weekly Group Coaching
(work with us LIVE, or watch the recording) 
3x/month coaching with Holly & Christine, 1x/month with Abigail.

✨ Bonus:

-Two 30-minute 1:1 calls with Holly, Chris, or Abigail
Use them at any time in the program after the first 6 weeks!


If you have further questions contact [email protected]


 750 USD/month x 6

Apply Here

Here's what OUR GRADS say about mentorship:


"10 / 10 would recommend"

"RADICALLY changed our relationship"

"Go for it!"

"Helped me re-write my entire nervous system"

"Best money I've ever spent"

"No one who goes through this process regrets it"

"This was everything I was missing."

Mentorship was my 40th birthday present to myself last year and it was the best present I could have received!

So obviously the first one most people are thinking about is the financial side. It was a big commitment for us. But now I can see it was a really good investment, best money I've ever spent.
It was hard for me to see that in the beginning and how valuable that would be. But now I completely see how valuable that was and continues to be. -G.G.




So when we started this at the beginning of the year, then five year old had like crazy anxiety, which was just showing up all over the shop and we didn't know what was going on or how to handle it at all. I was frequently losing my shit on him particularly, which was awful. And there was like pretty minimal joy in the household. 

And now he's gone back to school this year, which was a huge place of anxiety for him. And he's gone back almost in a completely different person. He is now so much more resilient and able to react to change in the day and in loads of places. We didn't have any of that before. 

A massive game-changing for us. -M.D.

I could not understand why parenting them was so difficult.  

We did family therapy, parent therapy, parenting courses and I listened to all the podcasts but nothing seems to work or make life any easier.  Doing the course has literally turned the light bulb on for our family.  I now realize that I have ADHD (and recently diagnosed) and that our 3 children are all neurodivergent and that it is the combination of all of these factors that made our life so difficult.  - it is still uber challenging but we have so much more understanding of what is happening coupled with the tools to address the behavior and most importantly, knowing what we need to do to help the kids to grow - that was the piece that I think I was missing before I did the course. 

Go for it!

- J. N.

I couldn't get my son to do anything. He was like a total no kid, which was partly covid, but also previous. And I just felt so trapped by it and like I was letting him down and why didn't wanna do it and blah, blah, blah.

I just feel that TTP has been so helpful for me at work and everything else as well. I have more confidence in my leadership and understanding where his anxiety genuinely comes from. I know how to actually skill him up for it. 

It is just incredible, watching him progress and thrive.

I could tell that I was losing him. I was becoming a person that I didn't even recognize. I remember a moment where I totally lost it and I just screamed in his face and I said, what am I doing? This is not who I am. And now he's like, my buddy, he's my pal. We are co-creating a life together. He's saying I love you, like all on his own because he just feels the security of connection. Like there's no fishing for it. It's just there, there's affection, there's snuggles.

I feel like I have resourced tools to work through it and ongoing support too. I've been in TTP for a few years and I think that's part of the beauty of the program is being able to always have support by my side. -K.S.






Being in this class has been instrumental in flipping kind of everything. I really feel like I'm just not afraid anymore that I have this life sentence of doom with my boys. I just feel like everything is so doable. - A.L.

I felt like I was just failing and I couldn't get anything done. We yelled at each other all the time. Everyone in the house was always angry. We felt like our six-year-old daughter at the time held us all hostage to her emotions. I didn't realize parenting was gonna be that hard.

Now, I feel so much more equipped with a tool belt to handle whatever and we'll get through it. I think the kids can feel my confidence. -S.A.

Since our conflict level has died down, we're getting a lot more affection and love.

Like, "I love you, Dad."

It's like so endearing. I don't expect it but I love it. Before TTP we had the kind of relationship where I came home from work every day and he would just like growl at me and be angry at me.

"I definitely had a lot of reservations initially, mostly time and money, but now I have zero regrets. It was the most amazing thing I've ever done for my family."