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The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast

Season 4, The Before & After Series;
Episode 2: From Walking on Eggshells to Floating on Air 

In this special series, Abigail focuses on what transformation really looks like for the families she mentors.

In this episode, we meet Jayne, who comes from a family that never knew quite how to handle "feelings." Then Jayne had a daughter whose feelings were front and center, and NOT about to be ignored. This is the story of Jayne learning to ride her daughter's waves, and in the process, become an excellent swimmer who is no longer afraid of the emotional waters! 


Sneak peek:

This week Abigail speaks with Jayne, a mom who used to feel afraid of her daughter's big feelings until she learned the secret to defusing her little one's volatility. Today, there is nothing but what she calls a "torrent of love" between them. Listen in and learn more about how this transformation happened. 

02:50 We discuss what happens when sometimes we parents can have the very painful feeling that we are not the right parent for our child.

6:00 Jayne talks about how her parents didn't really make room for feelings, and how this made it hard for her to make room for her daughter's big feelings.

8:00 The moment Jayne faced this fear head on.

12:30 Why play is so much more powerful than force.

15:00 On resilience in the face of fear and anxiety.

18:30 A story about Jayne's daughter breaking her arm, and how challenging it can be to lead a child - and ourselves - through the unknown.

20:00 A phenomenon that often happens: the squeaky wheel finally gets the grease it needed, and then the other children are free to have their needs met too. Why this kind of balance is so important to have in a family. 

23:00 A discussion about leadership in parenting and making tactical decisions.

24:30 Facing the resistance is hard, but oh the  R.O.I. on the other side of it! 

27:30 The freedom Jayne feels now that she no longer has to walk on eggshells with her daughter anymore.

30:00 Abigail shares her journey about how hard parenting was in the beginning, and how the process of surrendering and rising has led to her deep contentment.

32:45 Jayne celebrates no longer feeling like a punching bag for her daughter, and feeling like a warrior instead. 🙌

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