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The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast

Season 4, The Before & After Series;
Episode 6: Co-Creating with my 14- Year- Old Through his Teenage Years


In this special series, Abigail focuses on what transformation really looks like for the families she mentors.

In this episode, we meet Ezekiel, Abigail's older son, now one month before his 15th birthday. Ezekiel is a fencer, a minecrafter, a drummer, a dancer, and most of all a teenager. He is also a kid who has struggled with social anxiety, has a pretty intense love of video games, and is very strong-willed. Together, we have navigated his strong temperament through co-creative solutions. Today he shares with you his thoughts on being a teenager in a home that has allowed him a voice. 


Sneak peek:

This week I speak with my oldest son who is now almost fifteen. We explore his journey through teenagerhood: how he navigates his social anxiety, his love of video games, and also his strong will. 

2:27 Meet Abigail's oldest son, Ezekiel and how he feels about being a teenager these days and how he handles the new stresses and pressures.

4:00 Ezekiel shares that he already had social anxiety, but that it was really exacerbated by Covid.

7:30 Abigail and Ezekiel talk about the ways in which he has learned to lean into — and subsequently lessen — his anxiety.

11:22 Ezekiel talks about his love of video games, and how this is a place where the road forks between him and his parents. 

13:20 Ezekiel talks about how exciting it is to start to explore his life as a teenager.

14:00 Abigail shares that she is grateful for her son's strong-willed nature and can see all the places that it has  turned into positive growth for her and the family.

16:00 Ezekiel shares what he has enjoyed the most about his family is being treated with respect and that he wants to carry that forward with him.

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