I'm Abigail, and this is my family.

I loved my kiddos from the get-go, but I had no idea how to LEAD them.

I just thought they'd love me and I'd love them and we'd be good to go. 

<Insert guffaws here. Then laughing so hard I am crying. OK, now full-on sobbing. With little breaks for occasional fistfuls of gummy bears.>

So yeah, it didn't really work out the way I thought it would. 

But the way it did, was



Luckily, the plans life has for us are often better than the ones we had for ourselves.

  • I wouldn't have chosen such an intense childhood but it taught me deep in my bones that while we can't always control what happens in our lives, we CAN CONTROL THE STORY we tell ourselves about what happens. And the story is more important than the event.
  • I wouldn't have chosen for my oldest son to need open heart surgery but that touch with mortality has given me a great appreciation for the GIFT OF LIFE. 
  • I wouldn't have chosen for my early motherhood to feel as hard as it did, but that spurred in me the desire and ability to CHANGE THE GLOBAL CONVERSATION AROUND MOTHERHOOD. 

And I invite you to wonder if this might be true for you too...

Might your current challenges really be the portal to your greatest wins someday?

Might your kids' less-than-fabulous behavior be the best thing that ever happened to your family?

But if you're not with me yet, I get it. We often go into growth kicking and screaming. I did too. 

The truth is I built these courses and this community because I needed to.

I was spiraling, and unwilling to lose this battle.

Like you, I had a vision for my family that I wasn't willing to give up on. 

So I devoted my life to figuring out how to WIN at this.

After ten years of research I identified 3 key ingredients we mamas need in order to THRIVE and be able to LEAD OUR FAMILY WELL.

Parenting We're Proud Of

We need a parenting philosophy we LIKE using, and that also supports OUR DEEPEST VALUES. This should be evidence-based, well researched, and IT MUST INCLUDE ACTIONABLE TOOLS we can use in the heat of the moment. 

Moms to Rise With

We need to stop feeling so alone, because we're not! We deserve (and need) a community of moms who are non-judgmental, to be our trench buddies and help US DO US on the daily. We need a place to fill back up and get revitalized so we can go do tomorrow with a smile.

A Deeper Meaning to It All

We need to find ways we KNOW WE MATTER in our lives, because we are more than quesadilla makers and car-poolers. We are soul shapers. We get to write a whole new story of what motherhood means to us, and what we want to mean to it.

As I built these three pillars into my life,

WOW. Everything changed.

But why didn't every mama have this information?

Why wasn't it all in some secret magical booklet tucked into the very first baby blanket we received?

And why was all the other mainstream info that everyone was pushing, so very... wrong??

I realized other mamas had a right to this amazing information too, so I started sharing it with friends. I then began teaching formal classes as a certified teacher for Hand in Hand Parenting (I LOVE their tools, and use them extensively as one of the systems I teach). 

But I wanted to reach a LOT of parents, so I spearheaded and co-hosted The Hand in Hand Parenting Podcast, which has now been downloaded 

over 680,000 times!!

And now I run the Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast, which goes even one step further in pulling back the curtain on what this work really looks like. 

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My life is full and yet I wake up every morning with a burning in my belly because it has become a MISSION for me. Get these tools in the hands of every single mama that wants and needs them. 

Because every mother should know what it feels like to be able to transform herself so completely into the parent she always wanted to be.


The mission has now become a movement.

Every day I share this new way of thinking about motherhood with moms from all over the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Bahrain, and Switzerland. 

And we're just getting started...


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