Work with Abigail

I know your pain.

Also, I know how to turn it into magic.


The world tells us a story
of what having a family will be like.

But if you're anything like my family, you had a
** RECORD SCRATCH ** awakening.
And you're still reeling.


>> There's the parent you thought you'd be.
And there's who you've become. 

>> There's the family you should've been together.
And there's the family you have.



I'm Abigail Wald, 
and my early years of motherhood hurt too. 

Every morning, I’d vow to be a conscious loving parent, only to be filled with rage by bedtime. I even walked out one night at 4 am vowing to never return. (Luckily I forgot to bring the car keys, so I didn’t get too far…)

At that time, I truly believed that if my love were perfect, my kids would be too.

What I learned over time was THAT. IS. BULLSH*T.


Our kids’ behavior does NOT have to determine our mood or define our worth.


Their strong will is a measure of their intelligence and their integrity, not a war they are waging on us. 


The most important thing we will ever do is:


- Keep the unspoken promises we made to our children.

- Break the cycles that deserve to be broken.

- Become warriors who rise. 

- Refuse to be afraid of  - and for - our children any longer.


Gentle parenting is nice. But we ALSO need:

Another parenting conversation that makes room for the fierce will and intense sensitivity that resides in some of our children. And for the fierce love that resides in us. 


A revolutionary approach to parenting your "untameable" child that says: 


👉 Stop playing by everyone else’s rules. They aren’t meant for you. 

👉 This isn’t a test run. This is a genuine invitation to be the parent you thought you’d be.

👉 You don’t have to break your child. You can strengthen yourself instead.

👉 Your circumstances don’t define you. They invite you to your potential.

It's time to create your own goddamn lovely. 

Because your family didn't fail to be normal,
normal failed you.


I wouldn’t raise your hopes if it wasn’t for the 1000+ testimonials of lives changed.

For watching countless families who’d tried everything, try THIS and succeed.

Because building truly customized solutions alongside someone with years of experience works wonders.