The secret language of best friends

Sep 28, 2023

I’m about to give you a gift that’s been ten years in the making.

But first, a little backstory...

From the ages of 15 -17 years old, I spoke English as little as possible. Instead I was glued to my best friend’s side, speaking a language we had invented. We called it "uhvuguv."

You may know it as eggypeggy, op-speak, or Pig Latin. 

It was an insider's love language where we traded 15-year-old versions of wisdom, cackled like maniacs, and shared our juiciest stories in a way that kept them safe. 

Many years later, life has changed.

I’ve been married for 19 years, and have two teenagers of my own, now 14 and 16. But many things have stayed the same. My love of juicy stories, my hearty laugh (someone once broke up with me because he didn't think anyone could or should laugh that loudly), and my affection for secret languages. 

These days, it's the secret language of parenting that fascinates me most.

The quiet inner life of children that some parents may never learn to hear. The complex storylines we parents navigate as we raise our young.

After almost 10 years of teaching (having reached hundreds of thousands of parents), and 500+ families that have invited me into the deepest recesses of their life to clean out the cobwebs, set them up with a clean slate, and get their kids on a trajectory toward success... Let's just say, I have amassed a LOT of knowledge and genuine wisdom at this point.

I know what works. And I know what doesn't. And most importantly I know how to MAKE IT WORK. 

In honor of my ten-year work anniversary, I sat down and started to really wonder.

What are the concepts that WE AT MFA BELIEVE MATTER MOST, and WHY IS IT THESE CONCEPTS WORK SO WELL FOR SO MANY PEOPLE, when other things haven’t? 

And then I realized – it’s because over the many years of teaching, I have come to invent a secret parenting language for our community!! Anyone who has been in my mentorship program knows what I am talking about. We have code names, secret hacks, and special verbiage to describe almost any experience in parenting that you can think of.   

Up until now, I have only ever shared this special parenting language with my besties, the parents in my mentorship course. And now for the first time ever, I am going to share it with all of you. 

Because if you're on this newsletter, you're a friend, and you deserve some special L-uhvug-ove. 

Over the last month alone, the members of my community and I have counted over 150 of these terms. And while some will remain safely within the confines of my Transformation Team Project, we have decided that the world is kinda brutal these days, and we want to help. We know HOW to help. We are experts at building community and transforming trials into triumphs. 

While we can’t open enough spaces for all the parents to join us in mentorship, we can share our learning - and our language with you. 

WE HAVE PICKED 52 OF OUR MFA IDEAS TO become a beautifully designed, and easy-to-understand card deck of creative parenting solutions. We hope you will collect them all and that they will serve you, as they have us.

You can get your hands on the FIRST FIVE of them right here.

P.S. Have you snagged your MFA STARTER PACK yet? 👇