You don’t need more parenting advice.

You need parenting that works for you and your kid.


  • every day you spend TONS of energy being this awesome parent
  • only to have your kids NOT listen to you,
  • making you lose your shit in a very unawesome way.

You beat yourself up, wake up the next day, find another blog to read, and…rinse and repeat.

You need something more...

Personalized. Nuanced. Customized.

You just found it.

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OMG What a mindflip to go from feeling like I have a challenging child to being excited, honored and grateful for having this wonderful child to raise :) - ML
What strikes me as different about this approach from everything else is how empowered I feel to learn my own kid moment-to-moment and tailor my parenting to her. - AC
Coming from a gentle parenting background, I was mystified as to why we still had loads of problems with him. But viewed through Abigail's matrix his behavior makes a lot more sense. So I now do things the way she has taught me to. Result = dramatically reduced meltdowns! - RW
If you're thinking...

"My kids are more difficult than others. We are broken and past help."

Yes, your kids might indeed BE harder to parent. They may be part of the 20% of humans that are Highly Sensitive and/or Strong-Willed and whose brains are wired differently. However, you are NOT broken and past help. You just need a whole new paradigm.

I used to think that way too.

Nice to meet you. I’m Abigail, I have two boys, now teenagers, both of whom are highly sensitive and strong-willed.

My kids needed more structure, more boundaries. But how could I square that with the loving, sweet, gentle parent I wanted to be on paper?

I had to stop listening to other people. I had to start listening to myself.

It worked.

I have since helped hundreds of families around the globe to learn to listen to THEMSELVES.

Their families (and mine) are now so optimized that all of us can barely remember how difficult things used to be.

That’s what happens when things are made for you. They fit well.

See what that looks like HERE.

If you're thinking...

"They’ll grow out of it, with time and love."

Sorry. They won’t. Love is awesome, but your kids need you to help them consciously build SKILLS too. Love is just the substrate for leadership. Not the substitution for it.

Mother Flipping Awesome Parents Are Saying...


Every six months I pick a few families to work extremely closely with. Do you want to be one of them?

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If you're thinking...

"These years are hard. I am just supposed to eat it."

Nope. This is the apathy you feel after you try so hard to “get it right” and then rage-quit. The dream you have for your family is worth fighting for. Don’t talk yourself out of it.

No more walking on eggshells in your own home.

No more feeling held hostage by the extreme tantrums.

No more passing down of intergenerational trauma.

No more fear of the teenage years.

No more questioning yourself at every turn.

Welcome to


Magical off the charts good shit. So good I want a cigarette after. - MP
MFA is the f*cking bomb. Ahhhhhh. Ahhhhhh. %*#£”. - KA
Kid jiu jitsu. Amazing. - JA