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There are 5 Core Types of Kids. Which Is Yours?

Once you know what type they are, you'll understand how to raise them to be their BEST SELF, instead of their worst. 


Set YOURSELF Up for Success in Parenting

Hard parenting days are rough. But did you know they also contain the secret ingredient to making more GOOD DAYS happen?


for Success in Life

Some kids leap headlong into new experiences. Others run away as fast as they can. Here's how to set both kinds up for TRUE GROWTH.


Hi, I'm Abigail Wald.

Welcome to our Mother Flipping Awesome approach to parenting.

I have two sons that I adore but, as I was doing my best to raise them, very little of what I saw in the parenting books and blogs seemed to accurately reflect what was happening in my living room every day. So I started inventing my own parenting terms to help me understand the depth of what I was experiencing AND to do it all better. Each of my parenting ideas had to:

‚ě° Work well with my kids in the heat of¬†the moment.¬†
‚ě°¬†Be something I could remember on a sleepless morning in¬†the midst of a toddler tantrum.
‚ě° Speak to my soul, inspire my mind, and¬†get me¬†EXCITED to parent¬†my kids through that moment.

I soon discovered that my funny & creative parenting terms were just as helpful to OTHER parents as they were to me. Ten years (and many thousands of parents) later, I now share this new language with parents all around the world via our Parenting Cards, our Workshops, and our Six Month Course. 

Please use any and all of these to set yourself FREE to live the parenting life of your dreams. Even if you're covered in Cheerios. 

My promise to you:
These will be blow-your-mind, outstanding life experiences.
Nothing less.

In fact, if you¬†watch one of our¬†workshops ‚Äď and don't think it's utterly awesome ‚Ästjust let us know within 72 hours¬†after purchase and we'll gladly refund you.