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The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast

Season 4, The Before & After Series;
Episode 1: From Depletion to Abundance, featuring Tara


In this special series, Abigail focuses on what transformation really looks like for the families she mentors.

In this episode we meet Tara for the second time, having originally been introduced to her in Season 1, Episode 2 of the MFA Podcast

In that original episode, Tara was filled with doubt and even grief, and now 18 months later we see a changed mother - one filled with confidence and grace. With her journey, Tara shows us what is possible for us all.


Sneak peek:

This week Abigail speaks with Tara, a mother she interviewed back in Season 1, episode 2 of the Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast. The first episode was recorded at the very beginning of Tara's mentorship program with Abigail, and this one 18 months later, post-graduation. The time between them may be small, but the difference in Tara is immense. For any mother feeling overwhelmed and depleted, this episode will illuminate what it can look like to change the trajectory of your life and aim yourself towards confidence and abundance. 

02:40 Let's meet Tara!

3:20 Tara reflects on the transformation she has experienced between her first interview with Abigail and now

4:20 How Tara used to feel about herself and how she used to see her kids.

7:50 What was so different about TTP that allowed her to change.

10:20 Abigail shares a story about passing the light of motherhood from mother to mother.

13:20 Thinking about how healing is relational and how a group can really lift you up.

15:50 Modeling to our children what it looks like to be a normal healthy human being that messed up and can also repair.

18:20 Tara's passions turned back on after her life at home transformed and settled.

22:20 Tara reflects how she appreciates being about to handle the ups and downs of life with so much more grace and confidence now.


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