MFA Mentorship + You:



A six month training

with Parenting Mentor & Founder of

The Mother Flipping Awesome Movement

Abigail Wald




Together, we will build a framework 
that helps you piece together the puzzle
of your family with confidence.

Built for parents ready to

Worry Less & Love More


You've read all the books you can, and they sound good in theory, but in real life - oof, that's another story.

Psst: Those books weren't written for YOU, which is why all your hard work doesn't result in the behavior you want to see.

The Transformation Team Project IS that very personal manual you're looking for. I teach you all the best parenting practices I have studied for over 13 years -- and then together, you and I custom build ways for you to APPLY those principles. 

Trying to change your kids sucks. Learning how to be a magnetic leader with the ability to guide your kids is empowering and fun. 

If your kids are pushing you past your breaking point, this is the course that helps you become UNBREAKABLE.

And lemme say - this is not just a course.

It is a way of life that I share with you, and hold your hand every step of the way to make sure it is personalized to YOU, and based on YOUR values. By the time you graduate, your kids' behavior won't throw you anymore. It will just uplevel you, as you lead them with confidence to better and better choices. 

Parenting like this is truly Mother Flipping Awesome. 



Meet the parents obsessed with it:


The day you enter my mentorship program is the last day you ever have to parent without support.

In six short months of training you will learn how to:

Love - and like - your kids more than you thought possible 

(Even though they're currently pummeling their sibling for the iPad, and you don't yet know how to make it stop.)

KNOW with all certainty that you are a good parent.

Transform your temper - or your avid avoidance of difficulties - into a benevolent form of leadership you can be proud of. 

Break intergenerational trauma (big T or little t) and ensure a healthy emotional lineage for your family.

Be the parent you always promised yourself you'd be.

Ensure connected and kind teenage years.

The ability to create this starts in the toddler years, and everything we do will be building people you want to hang out with when they are 16 - even if they're already 12!

“The change in both the kids (and us!) has been tremendous.”

“Hi, Abigail, this is P’s husband. I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank you. Your guidance has really been invaluable and the change in both the kids and us has been tremendous, something I think we thought unattainable. I also wanted to thank you for the community that you are creating. This has been an amazing resource for our family!”

 - P.J.

Dang. Being a parent can be intense.

You’re responsible for these little people who literally depend on you to eat, sleep, and breathe.

Try as you might, you can't always keep them happy.

Sometimes you lie awake:


- Troubled by the schism between the parent you want to be vs. the one you find yourself actually being.

- Wondering if you’re a unicorn parent with weird little unicorn kids, because no one else seems to have kids as challenging and defiant as you do

- Frustrated by the fact that no matter how much connected parenting you give them, they’re still out of control, and you can't figure out why.

- Feeling like you’re smart and should somehow be better at this.

- Torn between wanting to see yourself as more than “just a parent” but also wanting to excel at being a parent, and unable to blend those ideas. 

I want you to know that:

- You are NOT supposed to just magically know how to do this without the support of a mentor to show you how, or a community to soar with.

-You are badass enough to break intergenerational bonds of trauma once and for all.

- You are absolutely capable of nothing less than glorious days spent with toddlers, and the holy grail of teenagers whose presence you enjoy...and who actually ask for your guidance.


And you can do it all with JOY and EASE. 

Even if your kids are difficult.


I will show you how to stop getting sidelined by the constant demands, the toddler hostage negotiations, the never-ending sibling rivalry, the screens they beg for… 


Say goodbye to being consumed with worry...

About them. About your parenting.

"The boys are pushing your buttons, but you’re not cracking." 

"Thank you for your honesty and transparency. This is a very tough time and your teachings have brought me to a place of understanding. This morning I found my husband listening to your TTP. He said 'This must be helpful stuff. The boys are pushing your buttons, but you’re not cracking. I need to see what this is all about.' That was music to my ears…"

- F.M.L.

Parenting did not just come naturally to me.
I had to LEARN it.


(And if you do too, that's ok.)


Here's a real life story about what my parenting looked like
before I knew all that I know now:


My husband and I were staying at an Airbnb, with our kids (2 and 3 at the time). It was pouring outside, so I decided to get them all suited up in rain gear so we could go out and splash in the puddles. 


Good Mommy?



The Hallmark-worthy moment ended almost as soon as it had begun: my eldest pushed the youngest down in a puddle. The youngest kept running toward cars. Neither one would hold my hand. I yelled at my oldest and he full-on laughed in my face. I grabbed their little hands too tightly, and marched back home. 


I’ll never forget the look on my husband’s face as we walked in and he saw all of us miserable, in what should have been a simple joyous moment. It broke my heart. I could see his disappointment in me, and in them. 


I could feel it. I was letting my family down. 


Bad Mommy?



The truth is I was neither a good nor bad mom. 


I was a struggling mom who didn’t have the information, the skills, or the community that I desperately needed - and had NO IDEA I needed. 


I had done the parenting courses and was part of a mom’s group. I was smart, thoughtful, and kind. But I was drowning, and I couldn’t even tell because I was so deep in it all. 


There were reasons for me being so underwater. We’d been through a lot: two kids with major life-threatening medical issues, the sudden passing of my father (my spiritual rock), and plenty of other hardships. 


Somehow I kept going, until the rainy day that broke me and something became super clear:


I was a grown-up now, but I wasn’t showing up in the world as the parent - or person - I imagined I’d be.


I suddenly felt this overwhelming need to be a NEW ME: 

I had to choose. 


I could either keep hiding behind my circumstances, and having excuses for my behavior, like  “Oh, it’s just these years,” or “It’s because he didn’t take a nap...” 


Or I could finally accept that I could be who I wanted to be, no matter what.


I made a promise to myself that day:


“I’m going to learn everything I need to, in order to ACE this.”


I voraciously studied:

- self-regulation

- habit building

- leadership training

- identity formation

- growth mindset

- how to optimize highly-sensitive & strong-willed kids

- trauma-sensitive approaches to healing

- I also became a certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor.


But here's the kicker:


Each and every one of these modalities had value but none of them were my ONLY answer. 

They were like quality ingredients but I still had to make the soup. 

So I stirred them all together, made different variations, and realized different circumstances called for different recipes. 

I realized I had an innate talent for tailoring just the right combination for just the right issue. A calling, even. 


I was still left with one more problem. 


Plain old peaceful parenting, as lovely as it sounded, bored me. I'm a spicy kind of person. I wanted humor, pizzazz, and to be able to go "off-roading" with my kids and trust that I didn't have to be this constantly "gentle" person. I could be real and I could be ME. And I could find my own real version of being an amazing parent. 

And this is precisely the gift I give to the many hundreds of parents who have taken this program...


I help you find YOUR very own perfect parenting recipe, based on who YOU are.


For the real you, and the very real kids that you have. Full of love, laughter, real life shenanigans, all topped with a dash of spice. 


Welcome to this radically bold and uniquely loving approach to parenting.

Here is how we make it happen for you: 


 You join the Transformation Team Project

And receive an “MFA” in parenting.

I know you’re busy, so the focus is on creating huge shifts for you in easy, doable bits:

Weekly Coaching: One class at a time. Just what you need: no more, no less. These 30-ish-minute-long classes are watched on your own time-frame, so you can do them while you’re folding laundry, hiking, commuting or lying awake after a 3 A.M. feeding.


Monthly Masterclasses: Deep dives into the stuff we parents obsess over such as bedtime, kid anxiety, parent rage, siblings, chores, homework, screens, behavior, defiance, etc. Break out the popcorn - and maybe a pen, as you’ll want to take notes.


Live Group Coaching Calls: This is where we custom tailor all you’ve been learning, and get it to truly apply to YOUR family. We troubleshoot, we refine, we solve. You also get to listen in as I do this for everyone else in your cohort - which is awesome, because they will totally bring up the other ten things you meant to talk about that day but didn’t get to. Whether you join live, or catch the recording later, these calls are parenting gold. 


Private VIP Line with Me:

Using an app named Voxer, you and I have a private walkie-talkie line so you can get in-the-moment, real-time help. Share your wins and debrief your losses. I will personally give you the next right step to move your family forward at each individual moment, making sure you get the transformation you came here for. *Available to those doing the TTP Concierge Track only.

You also get some serious support:

Dedicated MFA Coordinator: to help you with any technical needs you may have, or to connect you with any additional support you may want during the program.


Accountability buddy: Halfway through the program I pair you up with another parent in your cohort to help each of you stay on top of all the growth you will be experiencing, and to help you celebrate your progress. (Optional, but recommended.) 


Like-minded community: Maybe you’ve felt like a lone wolf all these years, wanting to parent in a way that is super different from how you grew up - or how anyone else around you does. From this day forward, you are part of a collective wolf pack. Having a safe space to find and refine your own parenting voice among those who truly get it will massively boost your confidence.

Private SOS line: Towards the end of the program, you’ll get unlimited access to “MFA Connect” - a private group of MFA parents, all of whom have studied this way of parenting with me, and are ready to support you at a moment's notice. When you’re having a hard day, (and we all do sometimes!) a Mother Flipping Awesome parenting net will be there to catch you every time.

And these extras, 'cuz extras are awesome:


The Self-Care Masterclass

I invited my friend Kristy Yager, a Wellness Rituals Expert (how cool is that?) to help us reclaim our right to self care. But I gave her a challenge: I said “We parents are busy, so each ritual had to take no longer than 60 seconds!” Watch this class, and take notes as Kristy and I go through your day from morning to night, and offer you tiny acts of courageous self-care that you just can’t say no to. 


Partner with your Partner

Some people choose to do the program with their partner. Some don’t. Either way, at any point in the program, I am available to speak with you and your partner so we can help you get on the same page, even if you are coming from different perspectives. *Available to those doing the TTP Concierge Track only.

Need help deciding which TTP track is right for YOU?

Hit the APPLY button and answer a few quick q's. Then I will send you an invite for us to connect over Zoom, and together we can decide if TTP is right for you, and if so, which track.



(Spots are extremely limited.)

“ I can honestly say I am a different person, different mum right now.”


"I have so much more kindness for myself, my husband and my kiddos. I enjoy being with my kids, I like and love them!! I haven't always been able to say that.”



“It's so strange looking back at the notes from the first month!”

“I have learned so much!! I know now that I am enough for my kids, that I really can change and eliminate the rage that was flowing through my body last year. Things feel so much different. Everything we covered has just inspired me to want to be a better person, to face up to things that I've avoided for so many years, to start living life fully with my husband and kiddos and not just a life that I think people expect me to live. But to live the life I actually want to live.”


“The transformation I’ve undergone in the last few months has been tremendous.”

“I feel that. And yet it feels barely visible. Intangible. Working at the root system, so much has happened under the earth. But my seed has just sprouted.”




Questions Parents Ask Before Saying
“Absofreakinglutely YES” to TTP...

That legacy isn’t just a concept. It’s a compendium of all the tiny little moments of each day. When we optimize those moments, we optimize your legacy. 


We parents tend to think we should just KNOW how to do this. That getting help is weird or unnecessary. But if you had one chance to fly a plane, and all your loved ones were on it, wouldn't you make sure you knew how to pilot it? 


This course helps you land safely at the destination of your choice. It gives you the skills you need to not be buffeted by the weather, and to know how to land even on bumpy terrain.


And now it’s your turn to make a choice, my friend...


- You can continue to tell yourself tomorrow will be better. It’s a phase. They just need you to be consistent and firm, and they’ll grow out of it. Someday. Maybe.

- You can choose to spend many years and tens of thousands of dollars diagnosing and maybe even medicating your child, all the while secretly wondering if perhaps there might have been some other way.

Or, you can accept the fact that parenting is messy. And that learning how to clean that mess up is an honor, an art, and a science. And most of all a practice YOU CAN LEARN. TTP makes it easy for you to get what you need, step-by-step, and custom-built for YOU. 


After all you aren’t just a
quesadilla maker/carpooler/
sock picker-upper/sibling broker. 

Soul shapers don’t fear life. They create life. And then they sculpt it into a work of art.

I can’t wait to help you live that life.


Answer a few questions to see if this is a good fit for you, and then I’ll send you an invite to hop on a call with me. 

*Side effects may include loving your children more than you ever thought possible.
(And feeling the same way about yourself.)



It's a gift you give your children.

It's a gift you give yourself. 

 “Your course is my lifeline right now!!  Honestly.” 

“Your discussions give me so many ideas and so much hope. They really re-energize me when I'm on the floor.”


"I feel so incredibly lucky to have found you and your community."

"Thank you for all you do. You have saved me from myself and brought me back to myself at the same time. I am more grateful - and more inspired - than you can know. Really, thank you!"

- Z.M.

“I swear - This entire course has bee-lined for my heart.” 

“I'm changing and healing. So freaking grateful.”