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Mother Flipping Awesome

A parenting app created exclusively for YOU.

Five minute audio clips that get you into the right headspace, so you can tackle those “Must I really parent today?” moments with clarity and confidence.

Equal parts soulful meditation, “how-to” manual, hug from a friend, and gritty locker room pep talk, Mother Flipping Awesome gives you what you need to hold your head up high no matter what just went down in your living room this morning.

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"Bring it, kids. Mama's got this.

Listening to these makes me feel so empowered and prepared that I almost WANT my kids to be difficult now. 😂"


Let's face it: 

You've bought so many parenting books, you could fill a Barnes & Noble.


But in-between nursing your littlest, chasing your middle one, and negotiating screen time with your oldest…

You don’t remember a damn thing from any of those books.

(If you even read them.)

You need in-the-moment help

...right NOW. 


Introducing Mother Flipping Awesome, the APP,
full of Parenting Mindflips to rock your world. 👇

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The app is organized into three main categories, each of them a different sort of Mindflip:

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Inspo: Inspiration & New Perspectives


Mindflips that help you see your situation with a new twist, leaving you less overwhelmed and stressed, and more hopeful and inspired for the day ahead. No pollyanna. Just real honest to goodness, no-fluff stuff that makes you remember why you matter and why your job does, too.

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Tools: On the Ground Strategies


Mindflips focused on equipping you with the skills, tools, and strategies you need to affect your kids' behavior and/or yours. These are actionable steps you can take to try out new systems in your home, because getting even your strong-willed kids to work well with you is actually possible, and buildable. 

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SOS: When Sh*t Goes Down


Mindflips designed to be by your side in the harder moments. Maybe the kids were poking the baby and just wouldn’t stop. You knew you shouldn’t, but you just got madder than you ever wanted to, and now you’re crying in the bathroom and you need someone who gets it, and can help you put your world back together again.

+ this AWESOME Bonus every month:

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The Community Call


I will hold one Live Community Call each month on Zoom, for app subscribers only. This is where I get to tackle your personal questions, and get these Mindflips working for you in YOUR very real, hectic life! These calls are GOLD. (You do not want to miss them!) ✨


+ these helpful extras:


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A quick searchable Mindflips Archive where you can pop in the term that best describes what you're looking for, and the app will bring up every single time I mention that topic. (New topics added monthly...)

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Got a parenting issue you want a mindflip for? Click "Suggest a Mindflip" and tell me. As long as I think it would benefit a good portion of the community, then I will make it and add it to the app for you!

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Your life happens in snatches of minutes throughout the day, all sewn together to create one weird patchwork kaleidoscope blanket you either feel proud of at the end of the day - or that you crawl into and hide your head under.

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You just need the strategic play-by-plays and parenting help in a way you’ll actually use.

And that's exactly what you get
with Mother Flipping Awesome.

Easy-to-access, quick audio clips at your fingertips. 

Meaningful. Actionable. Revolutionary. 

Get Me This App!

There's a lot of voices in the parenting world. 

Here is why you might want to listen to this one.  

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It is my belief we need to be thoughtful about what and whom we let influence our families.

So why should you listen to me? You shouldn’t. You should listen to YOU. You are your family’s best, most perfect leader, not me. You are the one on the ground getting the daily intel. I teach you how to interpret that intel, so you can affect your kids’ behavior, and yours. The best reason you should listen to me is because I help you learn how to listen to YOU, so you can be more decisive, effective, and proud of the people you are building - and of yourself too.

My name is Abigail Wald, and like you, I am a parent. I am also a parenting podcaster with close to a million downloads between my two shows. Consider me your personal mentor and advocate for a radically bold and uniquely loving approach to parenthood.

I am obsessed with how it is that we parents can LOVE our kids so much, yet somehow not always love our days with them. I realized early on that my kids had a singular ability to push me past my personal breaking point. So I spent years researching how to become "unbreakable" and now I spend my life sharing what I've learned with all of you, so you too can master this parenting gig. Because, hey, we aren't getting fired anytime soon! And that's a good thing...

Parenting offers us an unprecedented opportunity to rise in our lives. To become the people we always wanted to be, as we learn to raise kind, capable, little change-makers who do their part to make the world a better, kinder, more inclusive place. In order to lead that kind of change, we ourselves need to become empowered leaders. My job is to show you how. 

The only way parents can usually work with me directly is as part of my signature six month course, The Transformation Team Project. However, as I look at the world these days, it feels clear to me that conscious and empowered parenting is one of the best ways we can move the needle and change the course of history. Since my course slots are limited and fill quickly, I created this app to help all of you who love the podcast be able to take this work one step deeper.

Curious How Parents Like You Feel About These Mindflips?

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"So helpful! Baby #3 is due in February & I’m determined not to fall into the same trap this time around! 

- J.M. 

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"Nailed it yet again. 🙌🏼 I love that, as much I’ve worked with you, there still isn’t a time I listen to you speak without a takeaway.💕"  

- M.M.

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"Yaaaaaas! I have a super grumpy kid. I actually used some of the advice you gave and it totally worked. Thank you!"  

- J.K. 

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"Holy #&%! shit, I needed to hear that." 

- J.W.

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"So helpful with so many applications."  

- C.H. 

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"It's so good, Abigail, I can't EVEN!!!! ❤️❤️❤️"

- M.W.

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I relate so much to what you're saying and really love the “mindflip” concept.  You're doing such good work and I can’t thank you enough."  

- S.C.

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 "Holy crap. I can't ever thank you enough for putting all of this out. It makes me feel like I’m not a failure. Just a million thank you’s." 

- T.C.

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"Great tools we can utilize as always, thank you. 👏 We now use your name as a verb in our house! “Let’s get our ‘Abigail’ on & flip this” 😆" 

- J.M.

Questions Parents Ask Before Saying “Absofreakinglutely Yes!” to Downloading the Mother Flipping Awesome App

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You already love your kids.

You deserve to love your parenting life, too…

After all, if you are going to spend at least a few hours a day bouncing a baby on your chest, while you explain to the four year old that the cat won't like glue on its tail, even as you re-cut a "wrongly cut" quesadilla for the six year old, while you do the dishes, shouldn't it all MEAN something you're definitively proud to say about your life?

Get the app that inspires and equips you to rise on up, so you can dry those tears, get back in the game, and win your day.

All in the time it takes you to pee.

(Just be sure to bring your phone to the bathroom with you.)

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