Ready to master this motherhood gig? 

(It’s not like you’re getting fired anytime soon.)

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Awesome. You just landed in the right spot. 

But first you should know how unlikely it is that I ever got here. Really.

I was so NOT the poster child for motherhood. 

In fact, I was a downright wreck for the first few years. With my firstborn requiring multiple open heart surgeries at birth, and my second also having intense medical issues in his first few years, parenting at first just meant survival. 

But here’s the kicker: once everyone was safe and well, I was surprised to realize I couldn’t even handle regular old “everyone-is-alive-and-fine” parenting. I was getting just three to five hours of sleep a night, and as my boys fought WWF style in my living room, I alternated between staring hopelessly and screaming. Add to that, the fact that I had no road map in my DNA for the experience of motherhood I wanted to pass on, and it would be fair to say I was adrift.

Each day saw me floating ever further away from the vision of motherhood I had somehow thought I’d be able to have.

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I wasn’t exactly the picture of a thriving, happy mom. And look at my baby’s little arm. It’s as if he is wiping his brow in exasperation, wondering when the heck his mama is going to get it together.

I mean look at me: the blank stare, the confusing depression/joy, the silent question in my eyes that says: “Is this really my life now?” And then the question burning in my heart:

“There must be some way to do this better. But HOW?”

Here is what I learned:

I had all the love in the world for my kids, but somehow love was not enough. My kids, that I adored, had this knack for pushing me past my breaking point.

I read all the books and tried all the things to “get them to stop” until one day I finally realized that maybe I just needed to become “unbreakable.”

An avid researcher from my days dealing with medical issues, I learned everything I could about brain science, habit formation, the science of attachment, self regulation and quite frankly mind-control (over both myself and my kids.)

Turns out my vision of motherhood WAS possible; I just had to learn how to CREATE it.

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I figured my sh*t out, and I love sharing with you exactly how I hacked that code. Each year, I take a select group of parents, just like you, through a custom built, six month long journey of parenting hacks, neural rewiring, and skill-building that give your kids the life and behavior they deserve and you, the parenting (and life) experience you desire.*

*The end result: all of you “strong, happy, and unbreakable.” 

A few other weird, random facts you might enjoy knowing now, because by the end of this, we are definitely going to be besties: 

  • My first “child” was a wild feral wolf dog I adopted from a pet shelter. He was almost euthanized six times, and by the time I had lived with him for a month, I understood why everyone else had returned him.  Determined to keep my promise to love this dog and heal him, I searched the world over and found the one guide who was able to tame him. Wolf doggie thrived and lived with me til the ripe old age of 14. My husband says that wolf dog is part of why he married me. 
  • When I was in my early 20’s I once had to dress up like a bear and hand out cookies to kids. I did not understand children at all back then, so when they grabbed more than one cookie, I may have scared a few kids by grabbing their hands with my costumed paw. I was a very bad bear.
  • I get goosebumps when I hear someone say something deeply true. Every single time. As an empath, my hypothalamus is freakily active, and I use this superskill to guide the parents in my care. 
  • If I weren’t doing what I do now, I am pretty sure I’d be an FBI hostage negotiator. 

Can’t wait to get to know YOU! If you are a mama who is ready to rise, then...

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