Parenting did not come naturally to me.
I had to LEARN it.


(And if you do too, that's ok.)


Here's a real life story about what my parenting looked like
before I knew all that I know now:


My husband and I were staying at an Airbnb, with our kids (2 and 3 at the time). It was pouring outside, so I decided to get them all suited up in rain gear so we could go out and splash in the puddles. 


Good Mommy?



The Hallmark-worthy moment ended almost as soon as it had begun: my eldest pushed the youngest down in a puddle. The youngest kept running toward cars. Neither one would hold my hand. I yelled at my oldest and he full-on laughed in my face. I grabbed their little hands too tightly, and marched back home. 


I’ll never forget the look on my husband’s face as we walked in and he saw all of us miserable, in what should have been a simple joyous moment. It broke my heart. I could see his disappointment in me, and in them. 


I could feel it. I was letting my family down. 


Bad Mommy?



The truth is I was neither a good nor bad mom. 


I was a struggling mom who didn’t have the information, the chops, or the community that I desperately needed - and had NO IDEA I needed. 


I had done the parenting courses and was part of a mom’s group. I was smart, thoughtful, and kind. But I was drowning, and I couldn’t even tell because I was so deep in it all. 


There were reasons for me being so underwater. We’d been through a lot: two kids with major life-threatening medical issues, the sudden passing of my father (my spiritual rock), and plenty of other hardships. 


Somehow I kept going, until the rainy day that broke me and something became super clear:


I was a grown-up now, but I wasn’t showing up in the world as the parent - or person - I imagined I’d be.


I suddenly felt this overwhelming need to be a NEW ME: 

I had to choose. 


I could either keep hiding behind my circumstances, and having excuses for my behavior, like  “Oh, it’s just these years,” or “It’s because he didn’t take a nap...” 


Or I could finally accept that I could be who I wanted to be, no matter what.


I made a promise to myself that day:


“I’m going to learn everything I need to, in order to ACE this.”


I voraciously studied:

- self-regulation

- habit building

- leadership training

- identity formation

- growth mindset

- how to optimize highly-sensitive & strong-willed kids

- trauma-sensitive approaches to healing

- I also became a certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor.


But here's the kicker:


Each and every one of these modalities had value but none of them were my ONLY answer. 

They were like quality ingredients but I still had to make the soup. 

So I stirred them all together, made different variations, and realized different circumstances called for different recipes. 

I realized I had an innate talent for tailoring just the right combination for just the right issue. A calling, even. 


I was still left with one more problem. 


Plain old peaceful parenting, as lovely as it sounded, bored me. I'm a spicy kind of person. I wanted humor, pizzazz, and to be able to go "off-roading" with my kids and trust that I didn't have to be this constantly "gentle" person. I could be real and I could be ME. And I could find my own real version of being an amazing parent. 

And this is precisely the gift I give to the many hundreds of parents who go through my mentorship program, The Transformation Team Project.


I help you find YOUR very own perfect parenting recipe, based on who YOU are.


For the real you, and the very real kids that you have. Full of love, laughter, real life shenanigans, all topped with a dash of spice. 


Welcome to this radically bold and uniquely loving approach to parenting. 

Tailored to YOU. 

What it's like when you
find YOUR way to parent:

"I feel so incredibly lucky to have found you and your community."

"Thank you for all you do. You have saved me from myself and brought me back to myself at the same time. I am more grateful - and more inspired - than you can know. Really, thank you!"

- Z.M.


“It's so strange looking back at the notes from the first month!”

“I have learned so much!! I know now that I am enough for my kids, that I really can change and eliminate the rage that was flowing through my body last year. Things feel so much different. Everything we covered has just inspired me to want to be a better person, to face up to things that I've avoided for so many years, to start living life fully with my husband and kiddos and not just a life that I think people expect me to live. But to live the life I actually want to live.”


 “Your course is my lifeline right now!!  Honestly.” 

“Your discussions give me so many ideas and so much hope. They really re-energize me when I'm on the floor.”




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