Healing from Trauma: Reframing Our Stories of Hurt

*This article originally appeared on The Hand in Hand Parenting Blog: https://www.handinhandparenting.org/2018/10/re-write-trauma-and-heal/



Ugh. The mere word can cause us to tense up. Many of us have strong associations with that word, and for some of us it even has personal reverberations. Perhaps we experienced it first-hand and long desperately to put it behind us, and yet we feel unsure of how to move through it. Is it even possible to heal from it, when you can’t change what actually happened?

I am speaking here not as a psychiatrist or psychologist, but rather as a human being who has spent her life fascinated with human emotions, resiliency and wounds of all kinds. And while there are some who may find this next statement surprising, I think there is tremendous hope to heal from trauma, and even to heal fully. I believe this hope lies in the ability to be truly seen and heard by those who know how to listen, and also in our ability to proactively...


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