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The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast

Season 3, Episode 10:

Chic & Sustainable Style

On this episode, Abigail interviews...

Jen Mielke

Today I am speaking with Jennifer Mielke -  Founder of StyleCrush.Co, feminist, fearless pattern mixer + boy mom x2. Back in 2009, Jen's concerns about the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry led her to opt out of buying from mainstream retail all together. She turned to secondhand to supply her considerable love of style and was amazed by the practically unworn clothes she found in thrift stores. Since then she's been experimenting with ways to make it easy for any woman who wants a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe to find clothes they LOVE secondhand. She does this through Style Crush, her member owned resale marketplace pairing style inspiration with the secondhand items you need to recreate looks you love. 


Sneak peek:

This week I speak with Jen Mielke from all about clothing sustainability. Whether you're already fashion-forward, or you haven't updated your clothes since your babies spat up on them, listen in to learn how sustainable reuse and/or vintage style can help our planet and make you look chic while you're doing it. The earth and your pocket book will thank you.

2.00 Introduction to Jen Mielke.

3:00 Abigail shares that she used to be very fashionable in her early years, lost that after parenthood, and is now finding it feels good to return to it again.

4:30 Jen shares her love of style, and shopping for vintage.

6:30 Jen's personal experiences with the fast fashion industry.

9:00 The environmental and ethical impact of the fashion retail system.

13:00 Jen participated in a "Wardrobe Refashion Challenge" that really opened her eyes to the quality at thrift stores and the waste reduction possible.

15:00 It may be a large problem but you can make changes and have a positive impact with your habits and choices.

 18:00 Bringing mindfulness to our purchases and starting to question our consumption.

22:00 Jen explains the thrift reuse system that she uses to help her clients find their second hand fashion inspiration.

27:00 Clothing is so visual and hard to search for by keyword so finding your style and searching by look can be a lot easier.

Where to find out more about Jen:

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