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The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast

Season 3, Episode 4:

Healthy Screentime Habits, with Guest Julia Storm

On this episode, Abigail interviews...

Julia Storm

Julia Storm is a Los Angeles-based Digital Media Wellness Specialist. She is the founder of ReConnect, a whole child and whole family approach to preparing kids for life in the Digital Age. For years, Julia served as Director of Production for the award winning The Mother Company where she produced children's media content for Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and PBS. Since founding ReConnect, Julia has become a highly sought after source for those who want to help their children understand, navigate, and thrive in the digital world. Julia can often be found on KTLA Morning News giving tips on the issues around screen time that concern parents most, and today she is here with us. Golly knows we need her right about now!


Sneak peek:

In this episode Abigail speaks with Julia Storm about the pressures parents feel around screentime. Do we give it, withhold it, or just go mad from it? And how do we define a new normal given all that has happened this past year? Listen in and find out why not all screentime is the same, why we should sometimes let our kids be bored, and how we can build healthy little digital citizens. 

2:10 Introduction of Julia Storm, a digital media expert.

4:00 Around the same time Julia and had her first child the iPhone was also released. She became very interested in the how this new technology was going to affect kids.

6:25 The pandemic has shifted the tech conversation and  Julia's "rules" around tech.

9:00  Let's look at our children holistically - making a list of all the things that help them thrive in balance with screens.

11:30  Co-creating how screens are used while upholding our family's values.

14:30 How to deal with a child who is doing way too much screen time.

19:00 Giving our kids alternatives to satisfy the need that screens fill.

22:30 Being our kids' ally in this digital world.

24:45 Not all screen time has the same effect on our child's brain. Some content is highly stimulating and releases a lot of dopamine in their brains.

27:30 Why we should let our children be bored.

31:30 The importance of having emotional and physical family contracts around technology. 

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