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The Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast

Season 3, Episode 8:

Does Homework HAVE to Be a Battle?

On this episode, Abigail interviews...

Kelsey Komorowski

Kelsey transforms struggling students into thriving learners with the skills to succeed not just on the next test or essay, but in life. She has earned over 100,000+ in scholarship offers and awards throughout her academic career, and has spent over 30,000 hours working with families to equip learners with the skills and mindsets needed to thrive outside of the classroom. Komo has developed a powerful tutoring system, helping struggling students feel confident and at ease during their academic career. Kelsey has lived on three continents and traveled to over 40 countries, indulging her passion for experience and worldwide learning, and today she is here with US!


Sneak peek:

This week I speak with Kelsey Komorowski of, about how we can finally put an end to the Parent/Child homework battles. The answer: get our kids in touch with their own thinking processes and their own goals, so they can stop "dreading to study" and start "loving to learn." 

2.00 Introduction to Kelsey.

3:00 A real life example of Abigail and Kelsey using persistence and creativity in order to learn and adapt to new challenges!

5:00 Covid has helped parents really see the places where their children are struggling academically.

6:00 Kelsey talks about the truly transformative power of education.

9:00 Sibling rivalry can stem from a child not feeling like they are going to "win the race."

10:00 Misconceptions around learning can be shifted with practical tools and support.

11:45 Introducing the 3 do's of homework resistance.

12:15 We must listen to our children's reasons for not wanting to do homework. 

15:00 Homework is not just about checking the boxes.

18:30 Helping our kids wonder about how they see themselves as a learner, and how it relates to their values?

21:30 What does an A on a test really mean? Does studying for a test and then brain dumping the information a week later really constitute learning?

23.00 What it looks like when a student turns on and engages with the information.

25:30 Placing the focus on what is being learned as opposed to what is being taught. 

26:40 Celebrating mistakes and creating a culture of collaborative family growth.

30:00 Why making excuses ultimately disempowers us and our kids.


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