Hey parents, they're telling us 2020 is a "lost" academic year. 

How about we make it the year our kiddos get found?

✨ To show you what's possible for you, I invited five parents in the Mother Flipping Awesome community - who are homeschooling, remote schooling, and unschooling - to spill the beans on the exact systems they've put in place to make this a time of joy and learning for their families. Sign up and watch this one hour conversation that can help you reclaim your year. ✨

Steal their secrets. They want you to! ;)

"Having these resources and seeing the enthusiasm these mamas shared helps me know that anything is possible and gives me courage to step outside the box. Thank you."

- Nicole S. 

"I just have to glow to someone! I liked the tip of not letting “my time” be laundry, etc., and to turn that into learning time. I thought yeah right, not my kid. But today I went to go pick up the bazillion stuffed animals and stopped myself. After online math class, I said 'We have got to figure out how many stuffies there are in here!' She caught them in bins, counting each one and then deciding which bin had more. Later on she folded and sorted laundry, counting how many of each category. Maybe this is normal life for some people but it was amazing to me.  She told me, 'I didn’t think it would be, but this was fun!' I am going to keep trying to find little home lessons! Thanks for the inspiration for a good day today!"

 - Annie S.

You and your kiddos thriving this year is more than possible.
It's a thing. And it can be YOUR thing too.